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00:00:00 > [Music] bulletproof radio stations high-performance you're listening to bulletproof radio with Dave Asprey today's cool fact of the day is that penises can actually break now this will be a mostly g-rated episode and we might say that word again a few times but only in a medical context but if that's a problem for the people listening in your car right now well then you'll have to listen this later because it's going to be an awesome episode in fact you should probably watch it on youtube you go to bulletproof comm /youtube to get a link to the YouTube channel because I'm recording this live in in a medical because of medical theater thing I'm actually wearing scrubs I'm wearing my cool true dark glasses and my face looks all weird because I just have all kinds of needles in it today's guest is dr. Amy killin and the other cool fact of

00:01:03 > the day is that her middle initial is B so her name is actually Amy be killin and I think she should have a career as a rapper so my second choice yeah Amy is a physician who focuses on well she focuses on all sorts of stem-cell related anti-aging procedures but very specifically sexual health as well as some cosmetic stuff and in this episode today we're going to talk about what stem cells can do to to put more wood in your pencil is that a medical term I mean close to being a medical term alright and this is for men and women by the way like there are different treatments for men and women but there's a bunch of new research about what it does for men so we're going to talk about those because I had this done Amy injected some stem cells into places that would make everyone everyone male cringe anyway and talked about is the Bulge of conference last year yeah we've you videotaped it yes but

00:02:04 > nothing you know it to me yeah laughs it's not all of it just what happened to my toes when the needle went in yes so how did you get into doing stem cells in people's nether regions so it's kind of my backgrounds actually emergency medicine good ER for a number of years and then several years ago decided I was more interested in prevention than in treating you know a sort of band-aid approach to healthcare they came in she wasn't permitted of medicine and studied that for a while and then kind of as I did that I learned more about regenerative medicine because it's having your own body be able to renew itself and treat itself and I think that's pretty awesome so those two kind of go hand-in-hand prevention and regeneration to me are kind of you know the same type of medicine it's interesting my approach is the same way and I'm an anti-aging guy even though I'm not officially medical in any way shape or form I am wearing scrubs so if you're watching on video you're like okay he looks medical but you know I've spent almost 20 years running an

00:03:05 > anti-aging non-profit group because I needed to regenerate myself because I weighed 300 pounds because I was having cognitive dysfunctions that arthritis and all this other like old people stuff right I had when I was young but for an ER doctor where you're mostly like there's blood like this trauma like they're dying you know how did you like what what caused you to shift so I was you know I worked in the ER for 10 years and with crazy schedules and all kinds of things and after I had my kids they were little and I was working crazy schedules and getting up at 3:00 in the morning to go to work every day and you know getting three or four hours of sleep every day and drinking you know literally 50 ounces of diet coke every day in several Monster energy drinks to get through the day and I had insomnia and I couldn't sleep so I'm popping pills for sleeping and I remember getting to one point you know we used to have all these we'd have all these overdoses come in the ER and my er friends and I would kind of joke and you know we always asked to overdose you know why'd you take so many sleeping pills and I always say I was just trying to sleep and we never believed them because usually often times they were

00:04:06 > trying to hurt themselves so I remember talking to one of my friends and I said I said to my friend I said if I get brought in the ER you know for an overdose I really was just trying to sleep but I was taking handfuls almost girl sleeping pills and at one point I was just like you know this is this is not healthy there's got to be a better way so I started trying to figure out how to make myself healthier in the meantime and then eventually decided that was what I want to do for other people - all right have you been using your own stem cells on your face I have used them in my face because there's no possible way you worked in the art for 10 years but you look like you're about 30 like you really do and I'm not saying that to just you know flatter you or something is so people who work in the art for 10 years look old always because it's horrible for you biology got bad light you got circadian disruption lots of stress well you Jin creat risk and heart disease an uncle who work you know those overnight shifts and ER workers and things as well yes and you're a mom so did you look this healthy when you were

00:05:09 > giving naturally amazing jeans like did you look healthy when you I think I was in the genes but I definitely don't think I was healthy when I was working I was you know always stressed out even when you're not working you're thinking about the patients that you you know device did I do the right thing or they feel alive or they get to come back tomorrow sicker than they are today and then lack of sleeping and then you know it's just it's piled on each other you have a high cortisol all the time you've got them I mean Sami and they're not sleeping in that it's just it's it's just a mess so yeah I don't think I was I definitely wasn't as happy and I think I was probably less healthy in general okay so you you're the picture of health now how many years ago did you start doing themselves I'm not on your cell phone oh my god okay what three three four twelve I've been doing plenty rich plasma which is you know the growth factor part or about four years and then stem cells themselves a little over two to three years somewhere let's talk about platelet-rich plasma because this is an anti-aging treatment but it's also regenerative treatments like for injuries athletes started doing this

00:06:10 > what is platelet-rich plasma platelet-rich plasma are is basically taking your platelets from your blood so I would get your blood from you dry which is that yesterday exactly and you centrifuge it as some special special kits so where you can isolate the platelets and so you get these folks that are about seven to ten times that of whole blood so they're really concentrated platelets the pilots themselves have a lot of growth factors inside them all of your platelets do if you think about a platelets or therefore healing right so when you when you cut your arm and you cut your your your arm the plate lifter the first ones in and they send growth factors out and tell everyone around them hey we got to heal this tissue so there's growth factors for all different things you know to increase blood flow to increase nerve regeneration to increase all different types of cells and collagen and and so they do all kinds of things so what we do is we use those growth factors that are in the platelets in different parts of the body and so it's regenerative it's been around for you know thirty years but we can use them for joint certainly which is done for a

00:07:11 > long time and then I use them specifically for for skin regeneration for hair regeneration and for sexual optimization all right so that's put those plasma and what are stem cells stem cells with cells themselves stem cells are the cells in your body on every sort in every organ in your body that are capable of duplicating themselves as well as differentiating which means they can kind of give rise to other types of cells so you could have you know stem cells one type of stem cell is capable maybe of giving rise to several different types of cells which is what's interesting about stem cells so they're they're unique and they they are repairing your body and so we can use them in regenerative medicine to repair different parts of the body and make it make it better make a newer just to be really clear to if you're listening we're talking about stem cells that come from your own body we're not talking about us themselves like from aborted fetal tissue which was stated thirty years ago I think yes definitely

00:08:12 > yeah that's not how stem cells are done today as far as I understand it there's still research being done on all different other types of stem cells and and growing organs and all things like that but what I'm talking about is stem cells that you get from your own body mostly from fat what about like sheeps themselves and umbilical stem cells and placental stem cells I mean there certainly is research within human with human umbilical and human placentals themselves that there's some promising results I wouldn't use animal I know derives themselves at this point but there are some some interesting studies looking at umbilical cells in humans and using them in different humans okay so let's get down to there's so many fun things you get down to business know what was going on a brass tacks no I have no idea what sailors let's talk penis yes all right focus specifically good thank you bless ya a little bit I think I did also yeah that's hard to do all right so when we

00:09:14 > one of the things that you're you're focusing out a lot here is erectile dysfunction what is the role of stem cells or platelet-rich plasma with erections the Russians are you know they're very complex but what's interesting to me about them is that they're very complex they don't seem that hard look I can't say that you did you know they are complex but like anything in your body the cells that caught it that allow you to have erections the smooth muscle cells and the cells that line the blood vessels they aged and in some cases you could you can death and you get apoptosis of these this smooth muscle cells and so that's one of the things that causes or I'll dysfunction so if you can do something or some things you making multiple things which is what I like to do to try to keep those cells alive longer or to induce new cells coming in new stem cells it

00:10:16 > can that can increase blood flow and increase nerve response then you have the ability potentially to you know improve symptoms of reptile dysfunction all right so what would you do with stem cells in a penis then so you would inject them into the penis there have been a number of animal studies over a dozen and now we actually have at least four human studies that have used stem cells of different types of themselves or some from sedative use fat they've used bone marrow they've used umbilical cells they use placental cells so there's all different types being used but taking this themselves enact injecting it into the corpus cavernosum which is that you know the little tubes on the sides of the penis that allow the blood to flow and that that's kind of where you get paddy at the erections so you inject into those areas so when I was here a year ago you injected me now I'm a human guinea pig so I didn't have issues with the wrecked-tile dysfunction but I'm like I believe I came in and I said

00:11:18 > we're in the human body can you cook it themselves to get I'll have one of those right so you and Harry like had me like strapped down like Wolverine like the Gateway to the crown but like everywhere I've ever been injured I've never spent like hundreds of injections either and I passed out but three times three times I so record for passing out because I turned down the nitrous oxide but I did capture on video where I like the blanket is tastefully covering the site of injection but you have this ginormous needle it was like 18 inches long it looked that big it is a 27-gauge needle which is a very famous and very good and you know we don't go in very far very far but it's you know it hurts a little bit but it's not for most men it's not that painful I see yeah it's the idea of what is going to happen and somewhere very sensitive that people don't like the injections you did in my face yesterday but I had my stem cells injected in my face in hair because I don't want to go bald like all the guys in my family so and I'm 44 I saw my

00:12:21 > hair's like I'm feeling pretty good about it but I'm like I'll do preventative maintenance because it's easier to prevent than it is to reverse and so it actually wasn't that painful but it the thought was like oh yeah okay and we do nama beforehand okay with some numbing cream right you know cause also not that Pleasant like there's nothing down there no but like you can't feel anything like it's anyways with that McLain Academy I made it once again you did I yeah this is awesome I don't know like people blushing there because I try but all right so we did the injection and people say what's the difference and I'm like things are more youthful but because I didn't have a rectal dysfunction yeah I'm hoping that way I never get but I I would there's been times when my testosterone was really low I didn't have a retro dysfunction but I just had less desire right right and I don't know

00:13:22 > that I I noticed a difference like in desire because like I think that my hormones are healthy right now is but what the numbers saying like things seem pretty normal you can certainly modify desire if you take too much like aromatase inhibitors and things like that and I'm occasionally I've taken things that stop my testosterone from going to estrogen because apparently every pathway everybody that can go to estrogen does just by default it's like all the guys men time we have man boobs like it's a genetic thing and so I've experienced that but overall I haven't seen like I can't get it up hasn't been in my vocabulary what do you find if you do this on younger people this is just a preventative thing or does it just goes on a human guinea pig and like I'll try that I mean you know most the patients that I do it on are going to do have some degree of erectile dysfunction and average age where people say well you know they it's in the number show that 40% of men in their 40s have some degree of edie well and what's interesting about that is you know it's a

00:14:23 > progressive disease which means that there were there were problems with the with the the cells endothelial cells synthesis the muscle cells years before that maybe even decades before that's kind of like heart disease like you know you don't you have it takes a lot of them to have symptoms but you're you're doing damage for many many years in fact a lot of people you know the same things that cause heart problems and heart disease problems cardiovascular disease are the same things that are also going to cause I most commonly reptile dysfunction so it's a progressive thing but by the mid 40s 40% of people have dysfunction so to answer your question that most people I'm treating do have some form dysfunction and the studies that have been done in both animals and humans are on people who have dysfunction and what's interesting with these studies I mean they do they cost sums in Meccan rats for instance we don't do to some humans but in rats you know they cause serious like cavernosa loner they crush the nerve that supply the penis these poor little rats and they crush the nerve and then they do these injections of stem cells and then

00:15:25 > they eventually sacrifice the rats and look at them and in this pic and miss them in the in the rats that got to themselves they actually see regeneration of the nerves and regeneration of all this you know the signaling that the blood flow is there so even like pretty major major injuries and problems for most guys it's not it's not bad our problem is what usually a blood flow problem and in the in the male's that they don't in humans studies have been done on men who've had prostate surgeries have Edie from that as well as diabetic men and with diabetes it's going to be usually a blood flow problem um so and you know in all in the four studies that have been done four or five they've all shown some benefits at least beat up half or at least more of the men have had return of function or at least some function which is pretty good if you have any function again with but I think that so stem cells are I think can be very effective I don't think it's one of the things the kind of thing where you just do one thing and you're done I think you want to do sort of a multi you know faceted

00:16:28 > approach to IDI and stem cells I think is a great one thing to do but you should also do some of the other things that are out there like what like there are some really cool new therapies with pressure wave therapy or shock wave therapy that goes in some fuzzum I know that shock wave was not the best name was officially so I've never over forty studies in Europe and Asia using these essentially using acoustic waves to kind of lack of better word to snap the penis and what they see with this is that you get big increases in nitric oxide production I'm trying to think of what song you play but it's gotta be queen we are the champions of the world like that asked me the most stimulating song either wrap yourself please don't hurt the contrary to what it sounds like it's not like electrotherapy it's just a small little nap with you'll become sort of so it's ultrasound waves that are being delivered and they cause micro trauma and then you get you get up

00:17:29 > regulation of some of the enzymes that increase your nitric oxide production which is great for any part of your body but natural catchment your next oxide if you don't know is a vasodilator so that opens up your blood vessels can you get better blood flow in and it also opens up the that it also improves the health of the smooth muscle cells that are important to be able to keep your erections so it could help you get erections and it can help you keep erections so we want like your dark side sure really everywhere it's good for blood pressure it's good for all kinds of things but in the penis these pressure wave treatments can increase that and it also could increase some growth factors like like a vascular endothelial growth factor which actually improves increases blood flow not just increasing it now but actually it forms new blood vessels going into the penis so you got better blood flow you got you know more this metric oxide more ability to get erections and keep erections and this these treatment you do a series of six to twelve treatments over the course of a couple of months and people are

00:18:30 > having lasting improvements you know out to a year or more not meeting their viagra or salad file a lot of times like it's actually regenerative generator yes I just got it I just got it that's right but I do have done can I try it well I have it in my car but you can at some point all right that's really cool and so and you can also take men in the studies that they've done you can take men who didn't respond to viagra or stylus or those kind of things like they've stopped responding to those things now they just don't work for them and you can do these treatments with them and in the studies about 7 to 75 percent of the men were turned into responders Wow so you know maybe it doesn't cure them but it gets in this point where now they're able to you know to have intercourse and to have a normal sex life and that's pretty huge know how much does something like that cost the machine itself in its a in the like it in it to doctor's office machine and I could buy one on ebay yeah you could I think that they're about thirty thousand

00:19:31 > dollars okay maybe I couldn't go anywhere but a tree now the treatment can be a couple of thousand dollars for all of all six of them really and if you think about that dialysis by agra or fifteen twenty dollars a pill that's actually not not available you see spend two thousand dollars and you get permanent ability just at least for a year or two you know kind of what we've seen in studies is about a year or two you're in and you can do it as a preventative because you know you know every person every guy as they get older you're starting to have some death of these smooth muscle cells I mean you can help it by doing by being healthy like you are by doing a if your antioxidants and your good living and your good diet and all that but those cells do die eventually and if you can do things that help to stimulate keep them alive then that's helpful the nitric oxide that you're that you're boosting is actually a mitochondrial booster in those stem cells in in the cells in this and the penis as well and so you're it's kind of helping to prevent that cell death or apoptosis which is cool now when you injected my I

00:20:36 > was going to call my little guy but that's just not okay okay but seen I've just I have no shame hahaha having a chair with a long time that's a perfect you injected my you know so now I could feel holographic I'm just not going to when he rejected my penis boom I was you also gave me some interesting things to take home a pump yes what's the deal with the pump the pump is it's the same it's a kind of ID same kind of idea you're trying to it increases blood flow and induces sort of micro injuries micro tears and so by pairing the pump with something like PRP or these stem-cell procedures the idea is that you're you're combining two different modalities that can can help with the regeneration in there so that's what the idea is and the pump is running what the heck is a pump it's like a big tube that you put around things yeah and then you

00:21:39 > squeeze a little bulb and it like creates a vacuum so things get really swollen and big and it comes with a little cheesy looking little snap leather strap to keep the blood in the longer I was like seriously this is so like adult bookstore looking but it was this was medical grade and all and not you'd mentioned that if I told the protocol which frankly I didn't to my quite a little bit it's a lot of work it was like for 30 days you had to pump and you have to like get it hard and then I put this thing on and it just like pump it until it's like big and really tight biggley's and and then that's that creates micro tears inside the corpus cavernosum and since those stem cells present they'll heal those and it'll be like thicker and bigger but on the other hand I'm like I'm not really that worried about that and I like married and I don't think things were pretty good a lot of work yeah I get it I did it twice I'm like you know what yeah I'd rather good your cryotherapy I'm sorry

00:22:41 > the pumping has its own utility I mean people use pumps in their there are good you know just evidence to support that pumping by itself can be helpful can for erection quality for size just to get with the blood the blood vessel blowing and again yeah the little micro tears you're gonna you're going to heal that young your only but if you haven't had stem cell or PRP procedures but they are not easy so that's I'm kind of going away from doing the pumping quite as much and trying to focus more on you know maybe doing like the pressure wave therapy where I can do six treatments and you're done for a year and they treatment to take 10 minutes and are not painful and it's you know it's super easy that's one of the variables in biohacking that oftentimes gets ignored is that it's return on time spent because I could spend 12 hours a day hacking myself and I probably like look really amazing and get younger but I wouldn't run bulletproof good I feel like it was like I have like a little hamster wheel biohacking and I just run

00:23:43 > on that so the idea is what gives you most return and you're just saying look you know six treatments with pressure wave is probably more return than like regularly pumping which I felt was just not worth the trouble yeah no I agree with that I guess probably true okay alright so let's switch gears and let's talk about one of my favorite topics women yes I happen to be married to one so there are also stem-cell procedures that you can do on women and I would say I've I saw some pretty shocking results from that and now my wife Lana and if if you listing this in your car whatever you can go to the bulletproof bulletproof conference calm we have the talk you gave the talk dr. Harry Adelson gave about stem cells and Lana's talk my wife dr. Lana about the same sort of stuff so like we're pretty open about yes we have system so student how all the juicy bits and I'm just I don't want

00:24:44 > to say anything that she hasn't said on stage so I'll do my best but anyway you injected both of us and what's your experience on injecting stem cells and women where do you inject them and what does it do so there are two injections and when you numb them up first but you could do a clitoral injection and then you do a sort of anterior vaginal for vaginal wall just a couple of centimeters in size I'd you spotted by the g-spot I mean you don't have to find the actual spot that you're injecting into the space that's above the g-spot and the area up there is also the area around the urethra so you kind of you kind of fade that whole area so so things that we see certainly improving the vaginal tissue making it more healthy making it more youthful perhaps tightening it maybe having better lubrication but and then some women also in this sort certainly things like improved orgasm strength and abilities all of those happened I was just saying and then some women have noticed symptoms of improvement symptom is an improvement of of stress urinary incontinence people who you know can't jump on trampolines or go for a run

00:25:46 > without kind of peeing a little bit because you're injecting the space around the urethra some of those stem cells and PRP are you know kind of getting into that that area that is responsible for keeping that stinker tight and so some people have reported improvements in incontinence as well okay that's that's pretty cool and this is I forgot to ask how much does it cost for a guy to gets themselves the stem cells or the PRP well let's do both how much for each one to get the sitter cell is about $3500 we can check them out get them out across to make to get them out of your fat and process them and then the perceived may injections themselves I think it's about 1,500 for the injections for middle and about the same for women okay so you're looking at really about $5,000 right okay so he is less expensive okay PRP is just blood so that's just all you're paying for is the injections I think it's about 1,500 okay so that's a good way to start

00:26:47 > yeah and I've had PRP dr. Robin Benson did PRP like in my knee and I felt some I felt some improvements from that it wasn't as strong as I got from stem cells but I don't think it might have had might have had PRP in the penis once as well after he did you think okay he goes Justin in Florida u.s. stem cells yeah really great kind of like a cell fertilizer so it's certainly appropriate you know if you have improvement maybe a partial improvement in something which themselves and you can kind of boost it with PRP and you get to fill up same growth factors and the same signaling to the stem cells without having to actually put in more cells okay so and also it's a little bit painful to get stem cells taken out if you have them this is very gray area right now but there are some places where you can get them cultured and stored and banked and then there are other places where every time you have to do liposuction and that hurt frankly the little where the needle in it didn't hurt that much for me but where you go to get the fat out of

00:27:48 > tissues above the kidneys that hurt more than any of the injection sites especially like the penis wasn't sore like a day later yeah it's improving into soreness for a few days in the liposuction it's a mini liposuction so you're not taking out you know huge quantities of fat yeah but but even still you have to kind of get in there with a cannula and get the fat and you know it hurts it's you're sore for a few days and if you really want to that looks like my facebook lived my life Oh suction once so if you go through my facebook feed you'll find answering questions well there's a big thing going injury it was pretty funny and all right so for women and for men is going to be about five grand with stem cells 1500 with PRP and is there a certain age where you'd recommend that people just go straight to stem cells or like PRP seems to work so I guess your have been proven yet um there you know there have been studies done most of studies are in men honestly but you know and I think that's not shocking people

00:28:49 > tend to study mail or telephone a lot more than female sexual dysfunction but you know in men there have been studies that have shown benefit of themselves for a thousan function and their offenses have shown benefit of PRP but there haven't been like head-to-head comparisons or you know which is better yes you said that my blushing again yeah about that are you ever so I yeah there's a lot of you worked out like to figure out what's the you know how much better are some cells and how much it wouldn't we all those kind of questions I think they're still we're still going to learn more all the time all right now have you tried the shock wave therapy on women i that is something that i'm going to be investigating okay and that is actually on my it's on my list in the next few months to start to do to start investigating because it's a little bit you know women are a little bit more complicated than men as far as sexual sexual function and dysfunction you know

00:29:51 > it's not just about blood flow for women which is kind of what it's about for men the blood flow is pretty helpful for weather yeah you have to have what but there are a lot of other things you know their mood and social factors it's one flower oh yeah exactly did you help with breakfast dishes and all of that that all plays into it for women so they're little more complicated but i do think that there it's certainly possible that the same technology would work for women i miss technology by the way it's it's primarily used for joints and for musculoskeletal pain is a great regenerative treatment for those things there studies even using it for cardiac patients who have you know cardiac dysfunction there's not pumping well and they'll do a series of these treatments and all of a sudden their heart's pumping better so it's useful for all different ages like stem cells which is why i like it its regenerative for different things in your body what about like red and infrared LED lights or lasers men and women's sex organs I have not done any I don't know much about I mean

00:30:52 > I know I like I know that there's some value in light and regenerative properties for skin and certainly do advocate for some of the skin rejuvenation and hair as well using light but I haven't I haven't learned much or read much about it for big stimulates a nitric oxide as well and add mitochondrial energy so I can tell you that the medical laser I have whether it's applied to men or women has pretty profound effects on both function and sensation okay I did even worse on nipples I mean like it enhances sensation pretty dramatically and it's probably blood flow to I would gasp rise if it didn't just knowing the mechanisms at yeah the infrared light changes the viscosity of water and mitochondria work better might have come to work that are pretty much everything well we're better yeah ATP and rose and such yeah I think it's worth I think I'm I think it's worth investigating and I think adding all of these different things together is is a great way to help patients in to dos not requiring medications and the

00:31:54 > side effects of medications that's one of the things that I just discovered through my own path is that we have this just Western bias I'm gonna find the one thing that works and the thing is if you have like two thumbtacks in your hand and you know take one of them out you'll never find the one thing that works like you have to take them both out right so I finally was just like you know what I don't actually care what works I'll just do everything that works all at once right right and if I get great results maybe I'll stop doing the things that are hardest or most expensive right and and eventually all arrived at okay this combination of five things works and that seems so much more effective and sometimes you get effects that you just would never get from testing you know this one thing so yeah in fact I can say I did use the rezident for red light to speed healing after I do it after any kind of procedure so when I get home tomorrow I'll be putting red in front of my face yeah and I do that to myself as well I love I love the red and infrared light for the face of course there's

00:32:56 > also good studies for hair regeneration using the low-level light therapy and there are number of companies that make you know the laser caps and capital of different the caps with the lights in them because of the same thing is you're you're helping with that regeneration of ATP and cells are healthier so there's a new product to pump with red infrared lights in it I love it I know nobody feel that somebody's do it I'll try it send me one right so with with women the women I've talked to including Lana who have had that they call it the OSHA and forgot to go with the P shot and Dave I mean if profound differences like differences certainly that I noticed but but you know it's like going from 45 to 25 again and I didn't necessarily notice that huge of a difference myself but I don't know that I had you know early onset erectile dysfunction or anything going on but still like it was it was you know nicer it was a small upgrade

00:33:59 > and I think that you're saying there aren't as many studies on that there aren't as many there is a once one small study with PRP only in women that showed about 85 percent of women have improvement but that was you know it was only it was a small number of women sure and there are some studies using stem cells and looking at urinary incontinence improvements in women and injecting them right around the urethra that have shown significant improvement in incontinence but I haven't seen much else yet I know people are working on and there's a lot of people interested in you know in the field but it's I think it's taking a little bit more time to get those studies done okay what else should people know about if they're looking at dealing with erectile dysfunction or I'll just say female without a there's so many different things that go wrong with women yeah there but one of the many problems that you can have I mean certainly you know lifestyle is a huge one for everything obviously like I said before keeping

00:35:02 > your blood vessels healthy and you know in your heart is important and same thing same blood vessels different blood vessels but same type of life elses are also in your penis and your clitoris and all the areas so you want to keep all of that healthy so making sure you get your nitric oxide and fYI you know what all the things that we sent back to boost nitric oxide your foods like your beets and the things like that are important there are some good supplements that have been shown in studies to actually do a good job boosting nitric oxide you know certainly other therapies as well so all of those things are good and then you know you're keeping your antioxidants up and eating well and being healthy in general anything that keeps your body healthy is going to keep your your sort of organs your female and male organs healthy so those you should continue to do those things and then we'll keep looking for other therapies that we can add to the regimen as well okay be more specific what's a doctor answer well I do me three things I can do no I like if there's a supplement called neo forty loves a beetroot supplement it could be your supplement but he actually there's actually at least nine good papers

00:36:03 > published on it in like it's mostly for hypertension and you know other things but but I think that that's a great supplement and I recommend that to all my male patients especially that are have IDI problems own add something to that if you're using mouthwash that's empty bacteria it will affect your nitric oxide production and acid blockers like pee pee is like peppers all and things like that prilosec affect your affect that as well because of the decrease acidity in your stomach and you can't make the nitric oxide as well so so yeah so there are a lot of things like that that they kind of go along with the nitric oxide and be able to make it even the neo forty it's a true Abul supplement because you have to have it in your mouth not just in your gut and some people like they eat it and then they like use their scope mouthwash and look quick no wonder there's no wooden yeah it's as if you want to kind of dissolve in your mouth as it gets in your salivary glands and that's where the first step of the nitrate reduction is happening so yeah so I like that suddenly and other ones you know something about but that's the one that

00:37:04 > I've seen a lot of research on you know I like it for cardiovascular health in general to some some of the good antioxidants things like Co Q 10 resveratrol vitamin C you know sort of just basic level things the goes on headstrong mind you bug yeah we know that they're going to do soup I just thought that I could have a whole different from your brain guys your brain it could be for nothing so that's two okay and I mean anything healthy that you're doing you're good you're exercising your diet is huge you're not eating sugar and things like that is really important to know for all different cells in our body it's kind of vague but those are the things I tell patients like right now part of my sort of kit of what we can do is we can do the PRP we can do stem cells which i think is great we can do the pressure wave therapy which I've just now adding but I'm really excited about it the nitric oxide boosters and then no arginine the amino acids another nitric

00:38:06 > oxide yeah you can the only problem with that in some people as you can't actually you can't they don't have they have endothelial dysfunction that's too severe they can't they can't make magic oxide from the l-arginine they don't have the pathways intact not everyone happened certainly it can be helpful in some people but but some people don't have that or you better get right to the source and give the actual nitric oxide or you know the foods to have it okay and what about topical testosterone for women yeah it can be helpful there are I mean vaginal topical yeah have you ever prescribed that is that a part of yeah for women I do I know I do hormone replacement as well and you know we use veg I use testosterone in general and women frequently and specifically vaginal testosterone or DHEA which is another hormone that's great vaginally and estrogens of course you wouldn't want to do vaginally for vaginal health and a lot of women so those are all great you can also you know you're sort of other kinds of sort of compounded formulations

00:39:08 > that are vasodilators that you can use for women that are they call them scream cream pretty it's a pretty apt name okay it is unimaginable is for women or men if you've never experimented with putting a little soy sauce turn on the women I mean a tiny bit not enough to go teeth very low pots it's not possible for that much blood to go through that pass accepted it yeah and allowed use form you know you can make formulations with several other things with l-arginine with with different vasodilators as well as there's some what some of them even have like Silas or still done well Phil our staff thought Romanies are all compounded things mostly I stick with just the bioidentical hormones after for women but there are a lot of options out does that work on guys I've never tried rubbing testosterone pain into I don't know yeah I meant it I don't think it was I mean I have male patients for testosterone on their scrotum and that's like that's just for absorption absorption but I don't know what it would do if anything for this you know for the penis itself yeah I don't think it does anything I'm sure somebody's

00:40:10 > tried it hahaha I'm sure yeah so I used a testosterone cream for years starting when I was about 25 26 I had almost no testosterone on my own so I went on bioidentical replacement which really helps with in all sorts of ways and not just sexually but it was just like well like you know my brain works yeah the problem is if you rub in your armpit so it absorbs pretty well then it gets all greasy so that's gross so then you know I guess I'll shave my armpits which is just a pain right and then now you saw this in there but then if you touch kids or your wife you get testosterone on them so then the only other places you put it on the scrotum and then you walk around all day with greasy balls and that is also equally unpleasant so I have a fence like injectable because it's just less messy yeah or pellet pallets or I didn't try to tell us that would be cool that are great they last 4 to 5 months and lower than once Remington poets so pellets work well I mean obviously working on lifestyle is a great way to boost testosterone but but

00:41:11 > not everyone can get can get as high up as a one and people who've had chronic diseases like diabetes or you know heart disease and things like that that are going to reduce their testosterone levels having them having a brought up hormones can be effective and helpful I went off of testosterone for a few years when I was doing all the bulletproof diet research and I found if I was really careful and like didn't travel too much and was focused on sleep I could keep my levels around 700 yeah but it was a lot of work and frankly sometimes I don't do all those things so I find that taking a small amount of testosterone makes everything work better so yeah it's great it's a great drug for the right people for sure awesome all right anything else that you would offer for men or women looking to upgrade their sexual functions I think we've covered most of the things that I'm offering right now I mean I like my Pearson nose command I love the idea I mean I'm ready to explore anything that is that we know is works for other things you know the low the light

00:42:13 > therapy maybe that's something and I would love to explore that yeah things that are known to not be dangerous that that we know can stimulate ATP production or nitric oxide production or different things like that I think you know let's do all of it let's let's figure out some things so that we don't have 40% of you know 40 year olds having orthotic function all right well dr. Amy be killin still the clothes name I've ever heard you practice at Doceri clinic in Park City and was a doser address yeah like how do people find it and just your clinic I do see why are you a medical I kind of have my own I have my own sort of separate website that has a sexual optimization and okay what's what's a you are so serum edeka l-- okay yo c ER e medical calm okay cool so that way when there's a mad rush of women looking to come in and have 25 year-old vagina I'm not kidding this is

00:43:15 > what happened or guys looking to like oh wait you know I can be freed of these little pills or whatever that would that's where you should go for this yes all right well thank you for being a guest on bullet for video thank you so much for having me if you enjoyed today's show one things you could do to say thanks is you can leave of five star rating on iTunes that is incredibly valuable but what I'm gonna ask you to do today is even more valuable go to Amazon go to headstrong my brand new book that hit the New York Times thank you know I'm a two times in times bestselling author and I'm really stoked about that but if you leave reviews on Amazon for that book it really helps people understand how impactful it is and if you're a longtime listener you probably already bought the book if you and there's 400 episodes of both for Friday now actually probably more than 400 and that is 400 hours of time recording plus thousands of hours of prep time and editing and all that kind of stuff and it doesn't cost anything so all you have to do is buy headstrong to say thanks and I would be incredibly grateful if you did that so have an

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