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00:00:00 > today's cool fact of the day is anyone can be a math person it's just a matter of whether or not you believe it or not people who believe their math people are a lot more likely to be willing to put in the work it takes in order to get good at math which then reinforces their belief that they're actually good at it people who don't believe that they're good at math are less likely to do the work so they don't get good at it and they don't improve everyone it's Dave Asprey with bulletproof radio and today's guest is someone awesome his name is Abelard Lindsey at least that's what you think his name was because you've seen it all over the internet if you've heard about the newest smart drug stack out there called sill tab Abelard believe it or not that's not his real name has never come out of the closet so to speak as a biohacker turns out Abelard is a computer science guy with 20 years of programming experience who

00:01:03 > became a biohacker and started hacking his own brain looked at different effects from different natural substances and created a new category of nootropic called sill tab I'm super excited that he's decided to sort of take off the mask on today's show this is an exclusive kind of first time for him Abelard or shall we say Justin welcome to the show it's great to be here thanks now rumor has it you're studying computer science you're in your second year of your PhD masters Oh masters okay got it and you've been working with this new smart drug as a way of improving your coding efficiency oh yeah yeah it's a it's really been a revolution for me I before I was just getting by and doing the work but since I started started taking soul type I've really stepped it up a notch and my boss actually came to me and said you know

00:02:05 > your performance over the last year and a half has really increased was it because your old boss that you didn't like left or something like that you know I just actually told him and he was just really intrigued you he couldn't believe it and then it could I see some extent but it's it's really helped a bit especially with learning new material learning new systems upgrading my skills uh you know taking you approach to things it's been quite helpful so a couple of things got my attention the reason that I wanted to chat with you originally things that help people learn fast or have better memory you know that those are like core to it I do with bulletproof but you did the entire math curriculum of Khan Academy in two weeks oh well that was yeah let me get that was the entire uh k through 12 curriculum oh not that not including differential equations or you

00:03:06 > know hey that stuff but um you know I got when I started taking Solta I got this intense desire to study math and just you know I had kind of been a little bit phobic about advanced math and I said okay I'm gonna fix that now because I want to go back to graduate school and you know understand all that stuff and and so I started doing all these Khan Academy exercises and they started out really easily and then they went up you know all the way to basic calculus and it was just addictive and I just kept at it and and it's the poor silt a pack would have gotten lazy about it and probably given up you know halfway through or put it off or just not wanted to do it but I I just enjoyed it so much and that was that was really amazing to me that is this thing this thing that would have normally been drudgery was so exciting and engaging and that was one of that was pretty much

00:04:08 > the first time I realized that wow this is something really different from every other smart I guess right let's let's take a step back four people were listening if people were longtime listeners definitely will have heard about smart drugs and nootropics but what's the definition of a nootropic or a smart drug the way you using it here just so people who are maybe listening for the first time get a get a sense for this well a nootropic is a supplement or a drug that positively improves the brains metabolism of neuro chemicals or or activate certain mechanisms in the brain such that it produces a neuroprotective sustainable beneficial effect now you know something that might improve cognitive performance but not in a sustainable beneficial way would be say for instance and feta means so so a nootropic for instance like piracetam is neuroprotective effects the

00:05:14 > brain from injury and it increases the effects the ability of the brain to process information remember and you know function so that's my definition I really like it and this idea of neuroprotection is is really important a lot of questions around many of these techniques come down to what is it safe and the answer is not only are some of the things safe they're actually better than doing nothing so you get an increase in performance and an increase in at least potential neuron longevity or something like that which is awesome yeah now we've defined what smart drugs are and what is the theory behind the one that you created here behind still tub well the theory is that what started out in academia actually with they were investigating this drug called rolipram which is a phosphatidyl s raised for inhibitor and what it does is it prevents the breakdown of camps like Killick Edina sighing monophosphate in

00:06:17 > neurons and what that does is it prolongs the activation of the cell in this process called long-term potentiation which is basically when neurons are reaching our growing and extending dendrites and toward other neurons to strengthen the firing of electrical signals between the neurons and this process when they block it in mice it makes it so they can't form long-term memory so they've determined that this is a process that's crucial to long long-term memory now this drug they would use it on mice and various tests that they you know run the mice through and they had dramatic effects improving the reference number and when they combined it with forskolin they found that this effect was even increased further now this drug never made it through clinical trials because it had

00:07:19 > the side effect of emesis which is the medical nice way to say vomiting so it was a very interesting drug for doing all sorts of experiments on mice but it didn't generally get through clinical trials type X and so it was to put on the shelf and actually a lot of articles in the literature about how one of these days they're going to make a synthetic pd4 inhibitor that doesn't have this side effect and there was even a Forbes article in 2002 and that was talking about the development of these class of drugs and they even refer to it as brain viagra so I was intrigued by this and you know I knew that a cousin of edu for very closely related it also affects a chemical similar to camp called the cgmp

00:08:22 > I think this cyclic guanosine monophosphate but anyway that that chemical that inhibits that is called pde5 and that is uh what viagra and cialis inhibit and so those were great right and but then there are there her they're horrible inhibitors all right so you brought a bad guy i was i was going to be polite about that but um there was a little side effect about mice I think that I came across when I was doing research to top chat with you about this you know what I'm talking about this side effect about mice yeah oh oh the the pv for and uh yeah you found mice uh oh yeah that's a fun one um is that what you're a friend indeed okay well uh yeah in FEMA this this study actually came out the beginning of this year that they said in a female mice pd4 was sort of like viagra in male

00:09:27 > mice so in women in their Anatomy pd4 was the primary enzyme that was controlling the process of arousal in the anatomy in men that was a you know pde5 male mice so you know so it was to make sure that we we demystify that whole sentence here if I could just translate that and do this in the scientific way in mice it caused clitoral erections not right 22 graphic there for people driving in the car but that's that's kind of interesting especially given if you've heard the podcast with with one taste and also we're gonna have to send a bottle of this over there to the people are studying female orgasms in humans to see if there's a difference and believe it or not I really am going to send a bottle of it over there to to pooja I hope I just got her name right that

00:10:29 > would be embarrassing if I got her name wrong I'm kiss yours on the show ah I need more still tub but uh from over I believe at Rutgers but yeah there's there's really interesting science behind what this is doing because it is kind of close to what viagra is doing but it's this is actually not even a drug right it's a natural herbal supplement right um and so so my thought process going back to all this was so there's there's herbal things that act like viagra they're not as strong you know they're not as effective but they they do kind of work at least in my experience for instance there's a hick Karan which is in epimedium otherwise known as you know colloquially as horny goat weed so yeah I was thinking well there there must be some sort of herbal pd4 let's let's go dig around pubmed see what we find and i found that they're in taiwan and china they've been doing a lot of research on traditional chinese medicine and they

00:11:32 > you know we're analyzing booty hole open is it art extract and they discovered that oh yeah this is a PD inhibitor you know PT 1 through 5 especially for and you know it were then they were investigating it mainly because pde4 inhibitors prescription ones have been used for as anti-inflammatories for people with cardio obstructive pulmonary disorder which is you know what you get from smoking through you know ever you know helps them breathe so they were they were investigating this as kind of a therapeutic angle on it and and so I read this and I thought okay luteolin um I was a sort of some artichoke extract and then I you know was looking at this other study where they said forskolin potent yeah potentiate a disaffected increased this long-term potentiation effective gdv-4 inhibitors so I word that up and I tried it and it's like wow this is really great i even wrote in my journal it's super neutral i'm i'm actually amazed because Oh for more than

00:12:35 > 10 years I've been taking luteolin for its anti-inflammatory benefits mine was in the form of perilla extract or parrilla I don't even know how you pronounce that herb and I've been taking forskolin for cyclic amp effects also basically for increasing various cellular functions and did not know that there was a smart drug effect from these things and about a year ago or so I think you and Tim Ferriss were twittering about this and he'd mentioned this in a magazine I'm like that's an old stack like you take 14 for liver function the Lydia land and for inflammation you take the other one for cyclic AMP like what's the big deal because I didn't understand the whole pde4 thing that you had discovered and so since then I've had a chance to get to know you and four people were listening saying I want to try this thing we just put together something so you can get this on the bulletproof exact website or on upgrade itself so I'm super stoked that this is a stack that i know is i believe it's safe because i've taken it for a very long time in a different form and you've

00:13:37 > added a few other things which are very well formulated to it so i was i was super stoked to get to know you and to get to understand what it was that you've built here so i'm i'm pretty hesitant to to jump out behind you putting my name behind anything like like this until it's it's well vetted but your science is super sound and that's why you know I invited you on the podcast today to talk more about the science so that's kind just an example of how you've taken some ingredients that have been known for their own separate things and when you stack them together you teased out the effect one that I missed which is kind of cool right right and it's interesting because you know we found another pd4 inhibitor that's called cembran and it's from it's an X processed extract of konna that has this chemical nezam brand known which is a very strong pd4 inhibitor and I and you know from time to time when I I really need to cram on something I take

00:14:39 > it it's very intense and all I want to do is study all day Wow all right we're gonna include links to that and these other compounds that we've talked about in the show notes so people don't have to randomly Google around while trying to weave in and out of traffic in LA or something where a lot of people listen to the podcast when they're driving so don't worry if you miss some of these advanced compounds will will make sure they're all out there now you hang out on one of the one of my websites that i will call me a lurker on it i post occasionally but longevity right you spend a lot of time online with those guys oh yeah yeah that's a great resource that's where i initially kind of announced the stack and and did hell of a scientific understanding of it along with the community so if you're listening to this and you're interested in the cutting edge in doing some crazy stuff to be honest around smart drugs lon Jessa t is a community of people like me many of whom

00:15:41 > are biohackers or people who are like themselves but who are at the cutting edge of of looking at what smart drugs do to the human body people who are human guinea pigs and it's a great a great resource there so you announced it there and I've definitely gone through the thread and thought wow this is this is pretty neat stuff it's it's very deep and it's a great information resource that means though that you know about other smart drugs right oh yeah all right so you and me both let's talk about rasa tams my favorite one most people who listen have heard me talk about aniracetam because of what it does to memory i/o and to creativity and stress this is kind of my favorite rasa Tam and one that I take every day unless I'm taking phenyl press down how does silt up interact with rasa tabs well it errant um interacts really well with the female piracetam it's there they're very synergistic Wow you know one of the guys I'm involved with in the you know who it

00:16:42 > when the sole tech business said oh yeah that felt really limitless when I took the two together I see ya sure it did that's the sack I take when I have an exam or you know I'm cramming for something it's not when I take every day no every day I take piracetam though because that has a seller affecting phenyl piracetam it's very much of a of a stimulant effect almost you know they buy athletes in the Olympics I think were banned for using it because increase their endurance and their tolerance to cold so that's it's very strong as a very strong effect I kind of described phenyl piracetam as piracetam for the whole body and so just the brain and if Ike right now I'm on a stack of phenyl piracetam aniracetam and still tap but that would be something that I would take most days so that's just kind of how I roll Yeah what about interactions positive or negative if you put still tap with the rasa times like

00:17:43 > is this safe because there's a lot of people listening to this rasa tab because they tried it like the Rolling Stone guy in Australia the editor there tried it was like I think I'll be taking this aniracetam stuff forever um yeah well I I don't take an arrest him regularly for my particular neuro chemistry it tends to kind of have a bit of a spacey if that's for thee about the rest of the raft times I just want to know like is it safe for people on rass attempts to stack them with still tap and what should they expect to happen yeah well they're they're good this piracetam as far as I'm concerned is an fennel prospect mr great to stack together because they're operating in different aspects of neurology so for instance the thoracic tabs are acting in between the cell at the cell receptors for ninda and ampa and silt up is operating inside of the cell magnifying

00:18:44 > those signals so they're not you know they're not directly interacting so there's there's kind of a barrier between them it's not like you know they're both they're not both working on the same receptor for example so so there would be a you know their effects are independent of each other and they're there for their synergistic now it turns out that for a lot of people route stems can impact sleep sometimes they have more intense dreams sometimes it keeps them up what impact have you seen from silt up on sleep well that's a funny question because uh you know before we added al card to the stack you get this 2pm sleepiness that will kick in and a2 p.m. sweet and so is it coming yeah and the advice for a long time on that was to take an acetyl tyrosine or you know suo carmine and when I added

00:19:45 > its acetyl l-carnitine in the ratio of one milligram forskolin to 200 milligrams of aconitine that that alleviated that and that's what we've put into the product so you know silts have actually helps you sleep better if you can believe it the reason I asked is that I noticed that um it definitely makes me want to want to crash harder when it's time for sleep but I doesn't necessarily make you want to crash earlier but it may make me want to like go to sleep a little bit earlier than I normally do but I tend to stay up Lakes I have a lot of work to do like I'm writing another podcast preparation document or putting together another science posts like the one today on lectins so you know if you're trying to crank have you experienced that it makes you like when it's time for sleep you really need to go to sleep then oh yeah yeah I sleep really well can I take it yeah I think I sleep better too and I had don't have an updated 02 necessarily prove that I just haven't put the data together i'm using a new sleep sensor system so i don't

00:20:46 > have like a vs be like with the same sensors but i think that's in effect that i would i would tell people probably works and for people listening if you haven't heard of al car or acetyl l-carnitine this is a common amino acid that's used for cognitive enhancement in anti-aging purposes it's been around for 20 25 years life extension foundation first started talking about its use for mitochondrial function got years ago for fat burning and it's something that i've used for longer than I can remember I would say so putting these things into a single stack reduces the number of pills and the costs vary dramatically and by having them work synergistically like this it's a new effect and not one that that I was aware of so you've done a lot of biohacking here which is which is really cool you can tell you've done this but what didn't work like like what failures did you have oh well we tried this to get the stack working with

00:21:48 > quercetin which is has PD inhibiting effects but it was way too strong and it kept me up at night and it was kind of maybe a little irritable and same with his spirit in that maybe you know that was kind of you know too strong in the wrong way as well a lot of people take a vitamin C with shannon has spread and these are basically cofactors that go vitamin C right well you can get them on your on their own i mean i was taking like one gram of chrisette know your kind of hidden it hard then but if i was taking you know my vitamin c with bioflavonoids and course quercetin and his burden and all that in a normal dose do you think that that would have an impact for the average person yeah I mean it's a a small enough dose I mean I you know if you had a choice to avoid it I would it's you know it's just really the effect of still tap has to be carefully balanced for instance you know the the

00:22:51 > amount of forskolin in it you might notice is very small compared to you know what's been in diet pills for example like most you know if you buy like a bodybuilding supplement with forskolin it's it's you know got 25 milligrams and and we only have it but for bodybuilders have different goals in an Tyson and smart drug people like their different communities they take advantage of the same pathways but you know sometimes you beat them over the head and sometimes you you you know maneuver them carefully right right but the point I'm trying to get at is is the effect of silt app is kind it needs to be carefully balanced like too much is is not better and and so yeah I wouldn't take four or five still tub capsules at the same time I think that would be a very bad idea you get a massive headache just from the AL car if nothing else right right you know so it's it's important to you know not not exceed not

00:23:53 > mess with the ratios and and I mean you know maybe a little crescenta nor is spared in in small amounts wouldn't affect its as much but i would i would try it with and without um because you know they're just the subjective effect because there's you know there's so many pde4 variants there's like 4a 4b 4c 4d and they all have you know slightly different effects and just the the ones that were sent in his parrot and are active inhibiting our you know subjectively my experience not the most beneficial got it so people wouldn't want to take mega doses of vitamin C cofactors with this would it right another real popular supplement one that that I carry on the site to alpha brain is primarily around increasing the activity of acetylcholine in the brain and for a lot of people they perform better when they've got more acetylcholine what happens if you take alpha brain insult tub together well I haven't taken out for great

00:24:55 > insult it together but I would you know imagine that acetyl-l-carnitine was what cured the sleepiness of that was induced by silt up so that and that's that affects acetylcholine and so increasing the acetylcholine in the brain should you know should be beneficial as far as wakefulness and so forth um you know that that being said you can you can get too much do cocaine it's not the greatest thing in the world but um you know I hold out hope that this too will will be you know should be good together I mean especially the amino acids and so forth there an alphabet you have a moderate amount of alkar you're not overdoing it in Seoul tab and so I don't I don't think for most people that there would be excessive I'll car between the two and if there was if you stack them I think that your effects would be a headache and you know it right away I'm just yeah you might get some job tension or something the other thing that is

00:25:57 > worth noting is that there's been posted teen which is a PDE one inhibitor in in alpha brain right but since you're inhibiting pde4 doing a PD one and four at the same time they should stack together pretty nicely yeah yeah um yeah luteolin does have some pd-1 inhibition effects but um you know they could stack together yeah I beneficially I mean I you know I'd really have to take them together for a while but I you know it's it could be synergistic for on my my read on it as biohackers that there's a lot of synergies there and I don't see a lot of other problems but I'm also someone who's calling dominant like I've taken probably too many large dose acetylcholine promoters or you know decade and a half to the point that I have all this yo calling I need when I take extra extra pseudo Colleen I tend to get jaw tension and muscle tension pretty quickly so I have to be really

00:26:59 > careful especially with digital cholinesterase inhibitors like like huperzine Prezi is so I'm you know I that's not one that works with my newer chemistry but for most people they benefit greatly from that so when I look at stacking those two up I'm like a this sounds like a great plan and if it doesn't work for you you're gonna know it the first time you stack them so yeah and and and sometimes um yeah galantamine yeah um you know which is a seal cholinesterase inhibitor so you know it's it's a it's conceivable that they could be synergistic know the best thing to wash tilts up down with is is bulletproof coffee can you tell me why Oh waiting self-serving questions I love bulletproof coffee it's great stuff so you do drink coffee I never actually asked you that before so I mean this isn't we didn't stack as if I was just you know being the the blade and commercial slimeball with who I'm not with that question so but like in all honesty do drink coffee and what's the effective of coffee and tilt up when you

00:28:00 > stack them oh well that you know they work great together um you know coffee is also great with the theanine oh yeah and I'm sure you're aware that it has a effect of reducing some of the jitteriness aspects of you know of caffeine by itself and that's our other products smart caffeine young and ya know but bullet proves great I'm you know it's a it's really good coffee I feel great after I drink it you know it's uh doesn't have the sometimes when i drink coffee I just don't feel right are you actually noticed a difference from from bad coffee like yeah just what people listening I know I'm famous for talking about coffee and all that stuff we didn't kill any of this up we didn't plan this ahead of time no idea what avelard or justins answer is going to be here about stacking this and anything else so like this is just

00:29:02 > to biohackers talking about coffee just so we're all clear on that so you you've you felt a difference from like the quality of coffee changed how you're reacting and you're okay with stacking coffee with the ingredients in here I've never actually looked at what fino alanine and caffeine or coffee do together any oh well funeral eleanii is a essential amino acid I mean a hard-boiled egg there's 700 milligrams that feeling so it's you know it's basically if you eat a hard-boiled egg you already took morphine welding then it's is insult at so so why did you add fino alla need to the stack because a silt up when it activates in crab and that goes into the nucleus of neurons it starts increasing the production of enzymes one of those is tyrosine

00:30:03 > hydroxylase which is a important enzyme and dopamine metabolism in that you know the front end of dopamine metabolism is you know where they be the original amino acid its processed from food into the tyrosine and intel dope own dopamine and so forth and so on is you know al fino alla mine so I'm just providing more more fuel because that you know that that material is going to be being the mus is going to be being processed more quickly by the body so I you know is the same reason i added al cars that is to counteract the depletion of of those you know those nutrients that would otherwise occur and you know thus counteracting any sort of nutrient depletion effects um got it that makes that makes great sense and supporting dopamine in my experiences at least as important as acetylcholine a silicone gets a lot of headlines and this is you

00:31:05 > know why i have alpha brain on the site as something that i wreck in four people because if its massive support or acetylcholine but when you flip over to dopamine that's becomes the realm of things like modafinil or provigil which i'm kind of well known for for using what how would you compare silt up to mod a phenol and their effects on the brain well you know Madonna liz is kind of a strange one because the mechanism of action of it is somewhat unclear yeah i thought was erections for a while and then well thought it was um you know something to do with the car brain currents yeah and a you know it's interesting but uh there are people who take the dolphin oh and still kept together on that on the thread and they have they have good luck with it they one thing that Madonna does is it does reading about it it blocks

00:32:07 > LTP and in some cases in the prefrontal cortex so you know maybe Soltec would help reverse that or uh yeah I don't know Aunt Rose I don't take midol Fidel perfect personally so why not um well I try to stick to all natural you know I don't uh yeah I try to stay away from prescription drugs so sort of all natural chemical extract of vitamin b6 is that all natural well well that's natural enough no and for a you know I mean I just don't like to you know have to go to my doctor and say hey you know uh well this old road 20 just came on so you don't need your doctor anymore just kidding yeah for people listing Silk Road is uh you know the place where you can go online to get just about any any illegal drug or Kwazii legal drug you wanted and pay with anonymous currency and it was shut down by the government and just reopened yesterday a silk road 20 new and improved um haha well anyway

00:33:10 > like I guess I can say you know use the all-natural excuse cuz they take for us attempt but now there you go it's it's it's more like what can i order at you know but I go to a doctor's office and like fag and that's you know save you needing a permission slip to bio hack has been frustrating for me for years and fortunately there are a lot of integrative and holistic and functional medicine doctors who you know when they understand what you're doing we'll work with you on you know on improving your brain function and improving your longevity it's just it takes time and energy and frankly money to find those guys I try to list the bulletproof physicians on the site that's not say that they'll write you a script for Madonna but to say that they'll work with you on making sure your brain works as well as it can in the safe as possible way and I you know I love the guys who spend their time and energy on that so hats off to the physicians who are you know willing to help us be more than we otherwise were rather than just not dying yeah yeah I agree with you it's important to to push the boundaries

00:34:12 > and you know become as you know smarter more healthier human beings than we would normally be able to without modern technology will speak in modern technology you go buy online almost excuse to be like this is your unveiling justin is your name is Justin you go by Abelard Lindsay now I recognize that name because well I studied computer science too and I'm a geek but where did you get that name like tell people about this since we're talking about high tech oh well that's from bruce sterling is matrix and this was some sci-fi irit wrote back in the 80s and in his matrix there's a shaper and the mechanist who are locked in conflict and the shapers or are people who manipulate their gene lines their genetic code and you know they're at the genetics which is the activation of certain genes and they use

00:35:15 > that to you know increase their intelligence and live ever central character of the book lives for I think more than 300 years and you know then the mechanist sore people who integrate themselves with computers and cybernetics and and be you know there's a conflict between them be because the the the Schafer's think that the mechanist sir are you know impure door because they've polluted themselves with you know machinery and so for it I remember that that line of story is really well because it's one of the early to kind of transhumanists visions where you have like the Borg on one side versus call them the the natural life extension guys on the other where one is working with it within the the called unnatural limits of biology to make the biology do our bidding which is more my line of biohacking versus you know the mechanist which would be more like the what we

00:36:16 > call grinders today like the guys who are implanting you know batteries and metal devices and magnets in there in their skin and sort of going in that direction so my my take is a biohacker and I've look actually quite a lot like at the ethics and the risks and rewards of these various things and bottom line is until you've maxed out your existing hardware your biology the point of upgrading it seems kind of wasteful and as a computer science guy shouldn't you write better code before you buy a new processor so there's just an elegance to that right and in that that's my take on this and why I'm I'm a fan of transhumanist technologies and understanding them but I'm also very aware that we've barely scratched the surface of what our own biology can do and silt apps one of those things that maybe can help your biology without needing to upgrade it well you know the way I look at it there there are people who are a lot smarter than I am you know you look at math geniuses like ramanuja nor engineering geniuses like Tesla and

00:37:19 > they have the same you know roughly two or even these people who can there was a 60 minutes on this who can remember everything that happened in their life up to now since you know if perfectly and these people have the same roughly you know few pounds of gray matter between their ears that I do and and so what's the difference right and so I think about it is you know if I could somehow modify what's going on my brain such that it was more like what was going on in their brains then you know I could be that intelligent and you know they the guy who preserved Einstein's brain for example has found that you know he had a larger population of glial cells which are these helper you know cells in the brain so forth so you know if you if you could for instance i somehow encourage growth and you know that was controlled and beneficial in that part of the brain

00:38:22 > then you know you could conceivably get more of that capability that he at a tine stock hats so that's that's how I look at it you know there's so much room for improvement over over our current condition just within our own biology so you mentioned epigenetics there in the whole perspective on biohacking that I talked about on the bulletproof side is around you modify what's going on inside your body like at the cellular or the neurotransmitter level and soul tips there and then you modify the environment around you to get the epigenetic effects which includes things like nutrition like do you do interesting things nutritionally do you pay attention to diet and exercise and things like that yeah I take a lot of supplements you know I've kind of gathered them up over the years and one thing that I do with my diet is I try and eat really really clean and you know what for instance why the thing yeah you know I drink distilled water that I add the minerals back into and you know I've

00:39:25 > gotten into the habit of eating like really high quality storable food just on just for lunch or whatever because you know it's like organic peas organic chicken organic cheese and you look at the ingredient list on these and it's just pees that's it there's nothing else you know chicken nothing else you know there's no nitrates no msg and you know eating that stuff on a regular basis I you know it's not for the gourmet or anything it's it just feels really clean and I don't have any negative reactions to it when you say storable foods like dehydrated like backpacker ration kind of things um no this is uh this is stuff they sell at costco there are cans they're about you know yea big and you know they're good for like 20 years and it's it's the really high quality stuff it's actually not that cheap I mean to get enough calories for a day if I was just gonna eat that which I don't eat specifically be like 20 bucks a day so

00:40:26 > it's not um you know it's not wrong noodles or something like got it so you kind of go in for some convenience there I probably I'd worry about BPA and the can that's for sure for they're not they're not they're dry packed oh they're dry packed okay I'd have to get what the things are but I'm not sure that that's quite on the bulletproof diet to be honest but you're not on the bulk of diet but I'm just you know for people listening I don't know that I'd say that that's the the most nutritious lowest inflammation food you could get and have you have you struggled with any like weight gain or weight loss or anything like that in the course of being a smart drug kind of biohacker like well you know that hasn't really been my primary area of optimization you know and you know I've seen about the same way for for many years that's the one thing I've gotten into because I don't have a lot of time on my hands is the Seven Network out have you ever heard about that they I do about 15

00:41:29 > minutes once every week or two so not quite seven minutes this is like body by science kind of stuff well this is um there was this study that was in the health journal de and they said what is the minimum amount of time you can possibly work out and you know maintain health and so forth and they said it's you know basically a seven-minute high-intensity workout and there's there's even all these iphone apps out for that now okay yeah it's very related to the stuff last couple years I've been saying you know here's here's how to do the minimum amount so it dr. McGuff recommends 15 minutes every 14 days which is funding up of seven and a half minutes so it's related quite a bit so you're doing like some some heavy lifts squats or some Sprint's kind of thing yeah yeah you know you do push you do jumping jacks and then yellow break then you do wall cig you look a little break you know push-ups go break and this all kind of fits into seven minutes and yeah

00:42:31 > there was there's a great i mean i think there's article in the new york times about it and it had a lot of scientific you had actual study behind it that was then published journal so that's why very cool well we are running towards the end of our interview here and there's there's a couple questions I I ask everyone who comes on the show before we get to those though I want to remind people if this interview has been helpful and you'd like to try sill tab it is available on the bulletproof website so check out bulletproof exact calm go to the store go to upgrade itself which is our store URL and we will be carrying this for you and I'm I'm extremely pleased about that just there are a lot of new smart drug stacks or I should say nootropics tax you know smart herbs out there like this and it's something that I've definitely bedded and something I've tried so check it out and on that note let's ask this big question that everyone's answered for

00:43:33 > people who want to basically kick more ass people want to perform it their very best what are the top three pieces of advice you have for them based on your life experience it doesn't have to be about smart drugs it can be if you want but just all the things you've learned in your entire life what are the three most important ones people should know um well you know you got to find the right combination of supplements and smart drugs that work for you and you know one of the ways that I think is really good for determining that is Eric Bravermans edge effect that's you know the way that he breaks down the the neuro chemistry of each particular person and so forth and and you know combining it with the right smart choice that work for you and that's sort of a process of exploration because everybody's brain is different and the second thing I would say is to find out what um you know what you're really good at what your brain you know not and I think that not everybody can do everything really well I mean in my family there's lots of differences with

00:44:35 > Ian talents and so forth and you know just to kind of find your niche find out what you're good at and and try a lot of things to do kind of you know see what what works um you know what you're doing now that you're reasonably okay that might not be your main passion and the other thing is to learn how to think better you know it by reading about confirmation biases and social psychology and so forth just just finding all the ways that our own brains and the other habits of thought mislead us so we can make better reviews make better decision and not a subjective prejudices or biases that would interfere with us making the best decisions awesome advice Justin AKA Apple are Lindsay thank you for being on the show thanks for making a new smart

drug stack and I really appreciate the work you've been doing and the passion you put into smart drugs appreciate you being on the show today that's been a pleasure I co toxins in the plant world is ever ever yeah they're absolutely everywhere you can try to mitigate them if it's best as possible the first thing is to try to identify all indentify the ones that can really do damage see the head of foam that is formed on it this is similar to what you get with a latte they're actually little bubbles still coming to the surface just like a freshly steamed latte