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00:00:00 > everyone it's Dave Asprey with bulletproof radio today we've got a pretty controversial guest her name is Carrie Rivera and Carrie's director and founder of autism Oh to a hyperbaric clinic and the first and only biomed based autism clinic in latin america actually in part OVR de mexico carries a mother of two sons her eleven year old is in recovery from autism and she's translated a bunch of protocols from American English into Spanish and is working to take autism treatments from the u.s. to Latin America the only thing is the kind of treatment she works with are not normally recognized in the US but it's a kind of treatment that I'm familiar with so Kerry welcome to the show I'm excited to have you talk about how this technology works and how maybe

00:01:01 > even people who don't have autism could use it exactly thanks Dave thanks for having me I appreciate it let's just jump right into it what do you do for autism because it's supposed to be an incurable disease right well I guess we should probably start off with the fact that my son was diagnosed in 2004 with autism and so then that began my biomedical journey to knowing to start to heal my son one of the big things was diet and he did well with that and then we kind of you know marched on and we tried everything it was kind of like the the boat with the whale watchers you know everyone's running to one side doing b12 shots running the other side doing IV chelation so we did all that we ran back and forth and basically us like most of the other people that were running back and forth didn't really see much of anything as far as improvements were concerned so time went on and on and on and we visited many doctors throughout the United States and you know he inched along diet was always big for us hyperbarics was really big for us but still we were missing a big I mean he was really still pretty impacted and

00:02:03 > Bettino um how old was your son when you figured out yet autism when I finally got a diagnosis in Mexico back in the day there wasn't a lot of any of this sort of thing going around to - when he actually got sick with it so it was hard to find the diagnosis and everybody kept saying that while he's bilingual and he was a baby the family and his spoiled or you know they kept saying other things but my son dramatically changed at the age of two he was very dramatic two years one day changed so you know something was wrong but we didn't know what happened and so we're kind of going along and they're saying terrible twos and then that was you know terrible threes and you know just kind of went like that I was not wonderful but then there was a neuropsychologist who came down as a gay as a visitor to the director of the school where my son's were going to school and the director said you know I have this woman here and she's a neuropsychologist and I'd like her to meet with you and so I thought oh okay but you know I knew that my younger self was fine so everybody told me he was just spoiled and that's the one that actually end up with autism diagnosis and so we sat down and talked and we were talking I thought we're gonna talk about my older son who hadn't slept in

00:03:04 > two years because his brother hadn't stopped crying all night long and so she kept focusing on my younger son Patrick and she's like does he always run around in circles yeah does he always flap his you know his hand does he always squeal like a dolphin yes yes and they you know I asked all the standard questions is he not point with his finger no he doesn't point with his finger does he have any eye contact no well anyway she said why you know I told her I went to everybody all these you know specialists and everyone told me he was fine and she said I can't believe they didn't tell you your son has autism that's verbatim I'll never forget those words and that was a real destructive moment my whole world collapsed but then I asked her I said you know was it possible that she could be wrong and she said no well she said yeah it's possible but she was and she had done her postgraduate in autism and she had seen hundreds of cases of autism so that said she basically led me to the psychologist guy so what'd you do and she said well tomorrow come to you know this place and I'm introduced to these people and I saw these two women you know like deer in the headlights like didn't know what to do and they

00:04:06 > were gonna help me save the day and I knew this was not this was not for me but I went to pick up my older son who had been with my girlfriends and one of them said oh I have a book it's about a diet for a DBE ADHD and autism and I said oh great so I read the book within 36 hours his book was read and I realized that my son had he was eating everything wrong so literally the only things that he was eating that weren't with gluten or casein or sugar or you know something really bad were french fries and as bad as french fries are that was the only thing that was illegal a potato was actually still legal on the gluten-free casein-free diet so that was what we started with our plates of potatoes I I know I'm not telling you this is nutritious all I'm saying is basically what we're looking for was something that wasn't going to cause the the allergy allergy so the first thing that happened is you were blindsided by this information and then you sort of stumbled across the idea that what you eat may affect the mental state especially for people on the spectrum right right you eliminated some of the

00:05:08 > potential toxins from the diet we took them all out we took everything out I mean this kid had breakfast lunch and dinner fries because he wouldn't look at chicken he wouldn't look at fish he wouldn't look at forever fruit nothing he had completely reduced his diet down to everything that was gluten encasing so he was eating was quesadillas I mean he had the worst diet by the time we finally figured out what's going on live you were living in Mexico where life kiss videos are a very standard kids food so yes so okay you you've now eliminated many of these things except fries which have oils that may not be good for autism and have a potato lectins and other things right now this is the beginning of your journey into understanding biomechanical stuff because you were basically kind of ignorant at the beginning of the process you just didn't know right no never know anything about it yeah because honestly who teaches parents how to feed their kids to not get autism although funny I wrote a book about what to eat during pregnancy to reduce the odds of autism but it's interesting that's a good thing from there though you went down this

00:06:09 > path that was about right what 2004 right so it's about nine years ago and by 9 years you've become sort of a self-educated expert on what to do with with feeding and caring for announces an autistic child and the reason I invite you on the show today is that in addition to nutritional interventions which I know can work wonders I've members who've you know left their jobs to take care of of children with autism and reversed it to the point their kids are neurotypical after you know hundreds of thousands of dollars and masses of interventions but you went down a path of using something called chlorine dioxide right well I don't know this is sort of a this is a little bit out there but anyway by 2010 my clinic had been open and we were helping kids and there was IV chelation and ozone and hyperbarics and tons of supplements and everything and you know kids were getting better but it was you know like you're saying hundreds of thousands this was like thousands of dollars at least for these families who only you know maybe made hundreds of dollars in income so it was a very

00:07:11 > taxing thing and I really started to think that you know if this is what this defeat autism now biomedical intervention thing is that I don't think I really want to be telling people about this so I was with my own issues at the time thinking you know what do I do because now we know we're helping people we've established his clinic people are coming from all over Latin America and actually Canada in the US as well people are coming from and I really wasn't too certain that I wanted to keep doing it because we weren't having the recoveries you know that was kind of a big issue are you a licensed physician or how did you open a clinic I'm a homeopathy oh yeah oh okay yeah and we had doctors actually had a hyperbaric specialist doctor in my clinic I had an IV nurse I had doctors that came down from the states that we use their protocol you assembled a clinic with a bunch of professionals exactly some kind of advanced techniques and no people listening you may be going well why do we have an autism specialist on on the show here's the thing hyperbaric oxygen one of the things that Cary uses for autistic kids do professional athletes

00:08:14 > use hyperbaric oxygen chambers to recover faster they absolutely they do and in fact it turns out that if you want to build resilience in any human being look at what works on nos distich kids which are some of the most delicate nervous systems and immune systems on the planet and if you can make an autistic child become more resilient and more able to function in the world that we live in those techniques oftentimes work well for neurotypical people to improve their performance and wellness and certainly in my own experience having had symptoms of Asperger's to my mid-20s and ADHD and not having that stuff anymore I know very well that these things work and how I've built my own resilience involve some of the techniques that you used at your clinic down there even though you're using them for bringing people back to normal now looking at what do you do to take people and move them even further ahead and also autism these children are born neurotypical I mean they're absolutely fine my child hit every single milestone he was substantially brighter than his brother and then something happens there's there's there's something that happens they change but they change

00:09:16 > usually between six months and 24 months so even if your viewers are younger people and and they maybe don't have kids or maybe they're going to have kids or maybe they're in this this child thing one in 30 boys is getting autism or one in three are on the autism spectrum meaning asthma allergy autism a DD ADHD so it's it's a wide spectrum and the healing all begins with the first step obviously being the diet because that's the first step for any kind of healing but I think it does you know especially it's one in 50 when you include girls because it's less common in girls but still just the same it's very common right now in our society so at some point it might not be your child god-willing it's not your child but you know there's a nephew there's a nice there's somebody usually somewhere in the vicinity and then it's nice to be able to say hey there's a woman on the day of stroke you know it might be good thing there there are about a hundred to maybe 150 million people with autoimmune conditions in the US according to some of the research I've seen and autism is one of the conditions of autoimmunity

00:10:17 > that particularly affects the brain and the gut so the fact that you may not have autism if you have rheumatoid arthritis funny there are some commonalities between what your immune system is doing in those conditions you know it's been interesting Dave to me is that I have a lot of parents that do the protocol at the same time as their children like they do step 1 diet step to the chlorine dioxide no should want to step through the parasite protocol and many of my parents have been diagnosed with Lyme chronic fatigue fibromyalgia and actually go on to go into remission in these things when they actually treat themselves at the same time speaking of autoimmune disorders so autism like cancer is an autoimmune disorder so these disorders tend to get better when you treat them similarly it's been very interesting to me so you mentioned a few interestings okay chlorine dioxide which in the FDA totally rejects you're making a dangerous bleach love chlorine dioxide sorry David if you go into FDA or because I've done this and you put you put in chlorine dioxide it will tell you that it's one of the best

00:11:19 > biofilm dissolve errs which will have the biofilm in our gut which has all the virus and bacteria candida parasites and heavy metals in it so it dissolves that doesn't dissolve the gut but it dissolves that and it also is very it's a very good antimicrobial and the FDA actually has a lot of patents that have chlorine dioxide in it and there's many many patents I mean dozens of patents which is also quite interesting to know that if you call it chlorine dioxide which is really what it is and it's from a family of oxidizers like oxygen hyperbarics ozone therapy hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide they're often the same family of oxidizers by the way I've done pretty much everything there and years ago I tried to yeah I tried sodium sodium hypochlorite for a little while didn't necessarily notice a giant difference compared to some of the other things I did but it's interesting if you go to the some of the FDA pages they're saying it makes it dangerous bleach and other ones they say that it's it's good I'm just looking as we speak

00:12:21 > if you put mms in there because that was the name Jim Humble gave it if you put him a mess in there that's when it talks about how bad it is but if you put chlorine dioxide in there it's actually quite a favorite because they use it in the slaughterhouses on the fruits and vegetables so it's actually in our and municipal water supplies as well so it's basically the kind of bleach that you would use to just in fact things that break up biofilms outside the human body or it is not a bleach it does bleach just like live and Sun bleach but they're not actually bleaches they're oxidizers why does why is there a use for this stuff inside the human body like how does it work it actually is a simple oxidizer so what it does is it's a positively charged molecule just like our healthy cells are so they're repelled that's why it doesn't do any damage to the body and within sixty minutes its entire activity has ended so you don't actually go accumulating it in at the end of the 60 minutes you have about a couple grains of table salt that's it okay so this is an oxidizer and you put it in water you drink it it it doesn't oxidize your cells it

00:13:22 > oxidizes intracellular fluid or interest or intercellular fluid between the cells right it basically kills stuff that shouldn't be in the body right exactly it kills pathogens because it has the body has a charge of one point two eight to one point three zero just like hyperbarics or oxygen o2 it has the same so that's why you can you know you can use hyperbarics but you can never you can't do too many you can just do the right amount but with chlorine dioxide because it's a zero point nine five voltage is the measurement on the oxidizers so it's much lower than the actual body so you can actually take it we do oral rectal vaginal ear I know it's basically skin for bath you talking about ozone or you're talking about chlorine dioxide Orion dioxide chlorine dioxide the ozone actually has a higher voltage than oxygen and that's why you really have to watch you know you have to go with a professional who knows how to use it because they have to use a certain setting okay so basically your and this is in a liquid form when you're giving to them correct look at it until

00:14:23 > you dilute it in water until it's tell us what pH uh we know you just dilute the beds drop her drop okay guys it's got to drop yeah so we're always using for every one drop that's been activated you use one ounce of water so it always has the same three thousand parts-per-million but you're still always with the same dilution you know like water you there was a radio show about eight months ago where somebody had to drink so much water and of course this compensation the person the person died so you always want everything to be in the proportion whether it's just drinking water or a chlorine dioxide anything else that we use okay and so how do we know what proportions work for you know treating I'm guessing would what would you call the things that are killed or removed from chlorine oxygen parasites right so for instance with the protocol what we've been seeing we have a hundred and eight children who between the age of two and seventeen who have lost their autism diagnosis using this protocol over the last three point three years so the results have been very

00:15:24 > interesting and there's actually a number of doctors that are looking this way and are interested in what we're doing and actually support to a certain amount because they can't lose their license what I won't be able to feed their families this is very controversial stuff and and I've known a few physicians who have embraced early therapies and lost their licenses or had to move to another state with more lacks lacks rules it's not even about laws it's about privately controlled medical boards who are basically deciding whether or not you're allowed to treat someone with something that works or doesn't work it's more about like whether whether your friends do is it a cool treatment so I'm also I guess I'm a little confused about the mechanism of action how does chlorine dioxide reverse autism there is it just because your the arguments that autism is caused by like pathogens which we haven't defined that well like what is a pathogen can you name three pathogens yes I can virus bacteria Candida and then epatha to the largest pathogen is a parasite and parasites are a little bit more tricky to kill but the the chlorine dioxide

00:16:27 > weakens the parasite so actually when we use the parasite protocol created by dr. andreas kalcker that parasite protocol which is non systemic goes ahead and kills the parasites and we're getting everything from the rope worm the Ascari's lumbricoides the pin worm were getting flukes we're seeing all kinds of parasites coming out of these these people children and their parents so in your experience running the clinic the number one contributor to autism and AD D and things like that that are kind of on the spectrum would be parasites not all pathogens no no all pathogens because they're all in there together there's this biofilm of virus bacteria Candida parasites heavy metals all this is causing inflammation all that's causing allergies we have this dysbiosis in the intestine we have the leaky gut so it's taking all these semi digested proteins to the brain causing inflammation you know there's there's so many things going wrong at one time but as we start to kill down the pathogens in the gut

00:17:28 > then all of a sudden we're having less proteins going to the blood going to the brain we're having a lot more clarity with the children so pretty quickly they start to turn around okay so so then you use this this stuff which using oxidizers or the dative medicine as you could call it can be profound both for healthy people as well as people who are really dealing with with big issues right I've used a ton of medical ozone I've used hyperbaric oxygen chambers you know I've used hydrogen peroxide intravenously believe it or not a lot of people as some of this will be like what but here's the thing so many people do it there's definitely antimicrobial effects from these things but there's also an effect where you train the cells in the body just like lifting weights when you briefly expose them to a lot of oxidative stress they turn on their production of something called s o D and they also turn on their production of glutathione which is something that people have heard me talk about a lot because I make a specific kind of glutathione that raises your levels in the body very

00:18:30 > quickly and very high using an oral and oral form so one of the things you can do to increase your athletic performance or increase your ability to even meditate is raise glutathione levels so occasional oxidative stress to give your cells a workout can have beneficial effects outside of antimicrobial effects do you think that's a part of what's helping people with autism when they use oxidative therapies you know what's fascinating to me is when I see the children when they start working with me most of all of them have done tons of labs which the lab so you know they're not always so wonderful so but you see these kids and they're sick you know they've got the eye cinephiles they have you know they have a low iron I mean these kids are really sick everything is just messed up on them and then I see a lot of these kids who are still working with doctors and in these for instance in the United States a lot of them have a primary a bio medical doctor in the US and they're running their tests and like for instance one mom her son recovered back in March of this year and she was saying that she went to the doctor and he said that the lab results were boring

00:19:32 > because it was nothing wrong with him he was really healthy he's really fine and he had pizza for for his birthday this summer you know like this child has recovered from autism he's just leading the neurotypical dream life you know and the families I don't even hear from them anymore I mean I you know once in a blue moon just say hey how's it going 400 of the birthday party kind of thing but they're they're fine so so I mean these are some huge claims because the typical Western physician non integrative we'll say we don't know what causes autism and there is no cure and you have to do cognitive behavioral therapy and all that stuff no I I know very well because I've seen it I've done work with autism nonprofits I know that mold toxins have actually even a California Court has admitted that mold toxins cause autism not the sole cause they're just one of the many strands that can trigger your immune system to go conkers now I've also get a little personal here I've pooped in a lot of bags over the years for lab tests right parasite measurement is such an imprecise science you can have them and

00:20:34 > throughout your body and poop in a bag and they don't find it because they're looking at it like sorting literally there's a guy whose job it is to sort through your poop under a microscope and look oh that looks pretty you know that must be a worm kind of thing it's very imprecise and it's a little better than that but honestly visual inspection still matters so absolutely how do you know that these kids have parasites especially all these different forms and how do you know they're gone well we start treating that we start treating with the parasite protocol so the chlorine bags oh well actually let me just start back so ii died is the first step number two step is ocean water and chlorine dioxide i've had children take ocean water parasites do not like ocean water by the way and they've been so infested in the gut that they've taken ocean water orally and out the other end has come what looks like angel hair pasta because they had so many pin worms in the rectum they're just just on the inside that all of a sudden all these pin worms came right out i've seen that happen before so there's like ocean water from the beach yeah usually they'll get like you know certain labels that are being cold filtered and they're from a vortex so there's different types

00:21:35 > of ocean water but the point being like it can be from the ocean water that you can start seeing the parasites or when they start drinking the chlorine dioxide that some of these parasites will come out and then of course once we start the parasite protocol that's when we start to see the majority of them because you're actually giving them something to kill them and that's gonna drive them out but the chlorine dioxide definitely weakens the parasites and so when they come out most of my mom's are the real hands on there's thousands of these people and 52 different countries i they're my heroes every day they're their healing their children and they will take there's toilet hats that you can get that actually fit into the commode underneath the seat so the children don't but then they can collect and they can sift through like you were talking about and they usually put hot water on it or you can use a colander and obviously this stuff doesn't get reused in the kitchen so they put hot water on it and the and what's remaining the stool will fall through but what's remaining are the parasites and they have the same form you know the parasites or flukes or the pin worms but they resist the hot water and if it was mucus cuz I had a doctor say to me well you know there's a

00:22:37 > lot of mucus in there the mucus dissolves really quickly even with cold water and with hot water even faster but the parasites because there are protein they just stick around and so the parents will stretch them out and take photos and share it on other social media groups just to you know kind of helping us all get along and so when you say how do you know that they you know what happens when you get rid of the parasites we see these children get better with basically every full moon protocol we treat over the full moon and we also take something called an A Tech which is autism treatment evaluation checklist it's available for free at autism dot-com and you can fill it out you can fill it out daily if you wanted it again you just kind of fill in the information about your child and ask you a bunch of questions the physicals and emotionals and all kinds of things all right but anyway when you have it it kind of gives us an idea of how we're doing and of course everybody around this child is saying oh my gosh he's doing this and she's doing that and they're doing really well and so the grandparents are noticing and you know life is changing in the house so as these parasites are being passed this

00:23:38 > child's environment is a lot better all right now I have to ask you a couple questions here so far you've mentioned drinking ocean water which everyone knows like makes you want to throw up and like if you're on a life raft and you drink ocean water like you don't do very well because you start to hallucinate right and you've mentioned vortexes and full moons so I think you might have just tilted the skeptical meter pretty far here okay okay we have 108 children who have lost their diagnosis so I think they know whether it's a skepticism or not there's still and we're proving it every day I totally understand like stuff works and there's reasons we don't know how it works but I want to dig down a little bit on and I'm not denying the results at all I've I've seen amazing stuff happen with autism where it's not supposed to be reversible and I know kids who've had dramatic results I saw one child who wasn't even on the right diet who went in six weeks of just brain training went from running in circles flapping and screaming at the top of his lungs like running in a circle around me

00:24:39 > and all of a sudden six weeks later walked up hi my name is so-and-so how are you like complete transformations in short periods of time I know it's possible in my own experience of losing all of my Asperger's symptoms over the course of about three months at least losing most of them and losing the others over the next couple years so I totally get it there's kids getting better and I've worked with moms directly so number one why do you drink ocean water like what's in it that's different than salt water minerals well it's a balance that's it so for instance we might use five milliliters of ocean water for getting the minerals into the body three times a day or ten milliliters of ocean water and actually there's quite a bit of information at keene tone calm keen tone Rene keen tone is the man who used to do IVs with ocean water back in the early nineteen hundred's and cure people of all kinds of gut disorders and wasting and all kinds of things like that have useful ketone qu I nto and keen ton Rene

00:25:41 > are en e alright I'll put a link in the show notes people once you add this is not someone I've ever heard of I there's definitely people who do unusual things with ocean water even taking in ocean water and putting it in concentrated forms of it even in farmland and having just dramatic changes in the crop yields so there's there's interesting compounds including like precious metals in ocean water that right often times we're not that aware of so let's kind of just stipulate alright so there's something good in ocean water that people have used historically it depends probably on where the ocean waters from and whether it's from Japan or not barb right right okay and then you mentioned a full moon why do you why do you treat on a full moon cycle like what the parasites are typically more active during full moon and new moon so if you go into google and you google full moon and new moon for the month and then you put them in your calendar and you start to look at how you you know a road-rage does somebody really just pissed you off as I cut you off or like all of a sudden

00:26:42 > you're less tolerance of other human beings that kind of thing did your stomach get more bloated around that time do you wake between 1:00 and 3:00 in the morning nose-picking but it chain things things of that nature with the full moon and the new moon are very common and that really tells you that you do have parasites and most of us have parasites you know the idea is that if you live in a first world country you're not gonna have parasites but actually almost all these kids do live in first world countries and they're pouring parasites out of them their bodies so for people who are skeptical about the full moon thing because you know obviously only witches care about that there is any police officer or emergency room physician by the way I'm married to a former emergency room physician will tell you full-out that things are different on a full moon and if you look at admission records for jails or for hospitals on a moon cycle there's no question that there's something different for humans around a full moon whether it's because of the effect on not just parasites B even

00:27:43 > bacteria of a full moon there are effects there's a monthly cycle for all the biological parts in the body so I I totally get that and you found that by treating on the full moon cycle when they're most active you try and poison them is that kinda how it works basically right and they release you know and histamine morphine and and feta mean so they're really toxic these these parasites and another thing when we got rid of these parasites and a lot of the kids they started growing a lot of our kids just kind of have stunted growth and the thinking is that the parasites are eating the growth hormone so once you start to kill down the parasites and the children start recovering their feet grow they get taller they fill in they go through puberty lots of interesting things happen as well it's been very a lot of interesting observations that we've seen do you ever work with people like I guess parents would be the most likely ones where you're doing the same thing and even though they don't have over at autism symptoms like what changes an apparent if a parent drinks ocean water and and yeah and like the other I don't want to do the other parts of the protocol but what happens to to neurotypical people when they do all

00:28:44 > this stuff well a lot of my parents have autoimmune disorders because they have children with autism a lot of them have lyme chronic fatigue fibromyalgia hypothyroid some some issues of their own so a lot of them treat at the same time and a lot of them lose the symptoms that they of the diagnosis that they had prior to treating with you know the the diet the chlorine dioxide the ocean water and the parasite protocol that's basically all the parents will do they don't do supplements or hyperbarics but they'll usually typically do those first three steps and they get better from those things so that's been an interesting observation as well what about the people who take parasites to get rid of autism there are different types of parasites they're not the same so yeah they're a different type they're a different type right so how do you I mean are you doing any kind of analysis of the things that come out to know what species and type they are I'm just like I promised labs don't find them you know Dave so the labs aren't gonna help you much you know people they always come saying my kids don't have parasites here's my labs and we say okay you know great just get started with this

00:29:45 > parasite protocol and all of a sudden all these worms are coming out and the parents are crying and saying I can't believe I didn't know this I can't believe it they didn't tell me that my child had parasites you know how long could my child have stayed sick if I hadn't actually known this I totally agree labs don't find parasites a great amount of the time right in alternative healing circles that's pretty well known on the other hand if you have a bagful of angel hair pasta looking stuff anyone with a microscope ought to be able to take a look at that and tell you that what kind of worm it is right if they used a microscope Dave they're not using microscopes or putting through these machines and they're just looking for certain things and they're not finding them so I don't know what's going on with those machines within your clinic you have access to basic like you know USB style microscopes you don't need high-power to tell what kind of vibe now you don't have you quantified or identified any of the species that are coming out of these kids mostly what we're having is we have specialist experts now like for instance dr. Alex Polinski out of the South Florida University he basically came across as rope parasite as well as this dr. Guha

00:30:47 > out of out of Russia and they're kind of working together and they're checking to make sure but there's a certain trend so the he'll identify I'll send him photos of those and you can they just look one after the other look the same dr. andreas kalcker as well helps us with identification Miriam Carrasco has also helped us these are people that are special in the parasite world so the that's basically when the IV idea has come from and then of course you can go back there's books actually PDF files of some parents have started different Facebook groups and they have a lot of files and books you know back into the early 1900s when you know we were more aware of parasites but now we sort of think that we've got domination over that and I think that we were missing it this is a big piece of a lot of a great example a lot of people are suffering from depression right now in the US and parasites cause depression so I have one mom who was suffering depression so terribly started the protocol with her son is like oh my gosh I feel so much better I can get up I can get out I can sleep through the night and just basically only doing I don't she's doing the diet yet she is doing the diet so

00:31:48 > she is doing step one two and three diet ocean water chlorine dioxide in the parasite protocol so this guy dr. andreas kalcker I know yeah so he's a parasitologist and no he's actually not a parasitologist that's what he basically started focusing in his his doctor is in oh gosh it's biochemistry or okay I don't I'd have to look it up what it is but anyway he gets really into everything and this is something that he created a really great parasite protocol that uses diatomaceous earth for chopping up the larva castor oil for driving the parasites out of the liver look the flukes and then he uses a Bendis all which is a non systemic over-the-counter basically in other countries except for the u.s. drug which is it's actually it's supposedly quite good at getting rid of a certain type of cancer and very very cheap it's worth about 50 cents a box that's one of them and rhombic pavi

00:32:49 > which is an herb that actually breaks up oxalates which the parasite is responsible for so it's interesting the abrino oxalates it seems like eating kale would cause more oxalates than parasites like most of the people that have high oxalates are loaded with parasites and as you get rid of the parasites the oxalates come down the Paris that oxalates are the parasites are responsible for the oxalates interesting I do know that the nutritional sources can be big contributors as well just you can you can detect that but I could totally see oxalates being produced by parasites to keep other parasites down like as a defense mechanism now in terms of just doing due diligence there's Genesis Church - and you and dr. kalcker are involved in that what's the role of that why is there a church relationship with all of the things we're doing here well Jim Humble created a church so that he wouldn't be attacked for using chlorine dioxide that would be protection for him and who yeah Jim

00:33:51 > Humble we haven't talked about Jimbo Jim yet Jim Hummel is the man who seventeen years ago used he he worked as a miner in South America in the jungle and so before he would go into the jungle he would go to one of those local camping supply stores and he would buy these two little bottles that if you put one with the other you created chlorine dioxide and then you were able to cleanse your drinking water so you could basically take potable undrinkable water and make it drinkable so he's there in in the in in South America and some of the guys on the team get malaria and so you know they're dying they're just doing terrible and so he thought well heck this kills pathogens you know here's some drops for you and he had no idea what he was doing just gave him a bunch of drops and knew that you know how much he was using per gallon and about four hours later these guys were laughing talking about how bad they felt and how sick they were and now they were fine and then they started treating other guys in the neighboring towns and villages and the same results were happening they were killing it this chlorine dioxide was killing the malaria so the people were being healed from

00:34:53 > malaria within about four to six hours okay so so so I'm familiar with Jim's work because about 15 years ago I read about it and I tried some of the stuff and you know but I'd I've tried just about everything I know about so I was like interesting tastes like bleach so the drinking ocean water is a new thing to me though there's definitely some cool stuff in ocean water I think the average person who who hears all this is on one hand saying well if you have 108 kids whose appearance will stand up say my kid doesn't have autism here's all the diagnoses that's cool we don't necessarily it sounds like have a great understanding of where in the body these parasites were other than maybe in the gut we also don't know exactly what species they are and we're assuming that they probably you know we're creating some compounds that we're messing with the immune system is that kind of and the parasites are only one part like you pointed out the bacteria is definitely a

00:35:55 > factor the candida is definitely a factor they're heavy metals that are a factor chlorine dioxide will break the bond between like methyl mercury and ethyl mercury so that they'll just become compounds that can actually be removed from the body with the methylation cycle so there are different things that the chlorine dioxide is doing and you know it's not just the parasite although we see the parasites coming out so it's very impactful and that becomes sort of the focus but it's just it's a part of it so do you think that that people without huge health problems and autoimmunity are walking around with a parasitic load that's lowering their performance on a regular basis like is this such an endemic problem that like everyone should deworm themselves a one in four women in the US are taking antidepressant medications which probably means there's more that aren't taking them that probably could use them and probably a good round you know maybe like the we do this year-round so it's every full moon for 12 months probably would help most of these people there's a lot of people that are suffering issues like this I actually had a after I did an interview

00:36:57 > with another another person similar to what you're doing I received a mail from that the person who did the interview with me it was a forward of the listener and how he was so impacted he was like about to divorce his wife he was so depressed he just didn't care and then he started realizing oh my gosh after he listened to the interview this was it and he started to treat himself and now he's in love with his wife and he's really happy but all these emotions that we have that are caused by these parasites I mean yeah of course we're having them but these parasites are affecting our feelings and so we're we're just you know we amplify things like I was saying about road rage about intolerance for the spouse or you know depression when you really don't have anything necessarily to be depressed about I mean there's people that do but still at the same time there's a certain level of depression that kind of takes it over and a lot of them that are actually just and especially fuller New Moon I would I would urge anybody to really take a look at their you know their feelings around new and full moon or their their tummy does it get bloated or all the other symptoms there's very little question in the

00:38:01 > healing community that I've worked with that yeast and biofilms in the body have direct neurological things one of the first signs that you might have say toxin mold in your home or a very severe yeast infection is like horrible nightmares like why would you get dark nasty nightmares if you're in a room that's full of mold spores I have no idea but there is a definite known connection between the compounds made by yeast and bacterial biofilms and for people listening if you haven't heard of a biofilm this is what happens when you put some stress and or some chemicals around a fungus or bacteria or the combination of the two in the body and they end up self-organizing they make defensive systems and they make even like almost like the equivalent organs they can pump nutrients in and they can pump out their waste products and this makes them very resistant to things like antibiotics or antifungal medications so using things like more traditionally EDTA to break down a biofilm works very

00:39:04 > nicely and what we're discussing today here is using this CD of chlorine chlorine dioxide in order to break those down so there's there's good science that says if you have a biofilm and there's questions about who has them and when and where but if you break down a biofilm and you actually have it that it could have positive effects on your health the techniques you're using are pretty far out there and the overall scheme of things but it sounds like you're getting some good results with them if if people want to learn more about parasites and without necessarily being alarmist about them it's not like I don't want anyone on the show today oh my god I might have a worm in my gut that's so disgusting I need to go out and like pump myself full up and there's a lot of really harsh chemicals you can use and I attempt to rid yourself of something that labs don't detect very well so you'll never quite know if it's gone like you can go down the psycho route looking for parasites I know lots of people done that oh my god a person I can't do anything where do we get sound sane but realistic and eyes

00:40:06 > open parasite advice there's only a there's only a few doctors that I know of in the u.s. that are practicing a techniques to get rid of parasites one of them is dr. Dietrich cling heart he's up in Washington State there's dr. Simon you who is in st. Louis Missouri and there's a dr. Schwartz and I believe he's in Pennsylvania but I don't know many other people that are actually actively realizing that this is a problem and they these are people who treat Lyme cancer I mean they don't necessarily treat autism I know that they've all seen autism patients and I believe that they all treat autism but they usually treat kind of a wide range of autoimmune disorders as well right I once shared a hotel room with dr. Klink art at the American Academy of anti-aging medicine I've been to his mercury seminars and he actually does a lot with defeat autism yesterday now it's called thrive so he's he's into the mercury connection and the the weird thing for people listening and this gets into more like the pathological stuff versus human performance but the thing is if you have mercury which if you eat

00:41:08 > a lot of fish or basically you're alive you tend to get exposed to it because there's a lot of environmental mercury that didn't used to be out there as this stuff accumulates your body's like I can keep the mercury in the brain or in the liver where it does the most damage or I can allow fungus to form and I can put this stuff into fat cells so I can allow fat cells to grow and hold mercury and you can biopsy the mercury or biopsy the fat cells and find the mercury or yeast will hold on to mercury very well so the body in an attempt to keep from poisoning itself will allow mercury to go into things that are also bad for you so mercury is a foundational thing in making yeast and parasites worse so you get this weird like toxins when I talk about food processing and toxins this is one of those reasons one toxin affects pathogens things that grow in the body that you don't want so we've talked about some pretty unusual techniques you know drinking ocean water and chlorine dioxide which comes from mixing basically citric acid and and chlorine sodium chloride sodium alright and an acid just it can remove inter yeah yeah

00:42:10 > okay cool so you you mix these things look like okay this is one of the many treatment approaches there but I would just say that it's entirely possible if you have some unusual symptoms that parasites can be involved I don't think they're always involved and it may just be a fungal thing it may just be a bacterial thing or it may be all three and it may have a metal involved but if you're dealing with heavy duty stuff that's something to know about but if you're also just a super high-performance person and you want to stay that way not exposing yourself to lots of mercury and lots of parasites and eating in such a way that you're less likely to get a fungal infection might keep you at your high performance level for longer any any kind of final comments or or bits of advice for people and what I think is interesting too I was just thinking when you were talking about this and it was harder sounding mainstream and and that's exciting because um dr. oz I'm not very familiar with him but somebody sent me a video was his show he did

00:43:12 > within the last I think two months on parasites and it was so interesting because he went through all kinds of symptoms that are affecting us on a daily basis so if maybe your listeners are interested in parasites and they you know they don't mind the mainstream I think dr. oz would be a good video and I think he's on YouTube I think somebody posted on YouTube so just kind of dr. oz parasites and it just ran recently was very fascinating and he just went through everything from headaches that yeah I mean you name it you know definitely you start to think geez I might have some parasites it one of the things that's interesting is is I was a raw vegan for a while and actually got worse the number of raw vegetables that you eat there and funny raw vegetables typically carry parasite eggs right so that the raw vegan community says oh no only meat has parasites and you have to have meat to get parasites but there's more parasites that come from eating raw vegetables than there are from eating meat and they're different kinds of parasites but larva the larva is very hard to kill larva you have to put boiling water really hot scalding hot

00:44:13 > water on it to kill the larva or you need to use on the the 90-proof alcohol so it's actually really difficult of course you don't take your lettuce and dip it into you know scalding hot water if you want a nice fresh salad and you're not gonna pour alcohol on your lettuce either so it's it's a tough thing to know how to kill larvae I actually think it's quite complicated it certainly is so I've used an iodine soak but the bottom line is if you are consuming vegetables in an effort to avoid parasites it's a futile effort unless you're cooking the vegetables first which works just as well as cooking meat all right there's a final question that I've asked every guest on the show and one that I'd love to to get your input on given your whole life experience not just as a as a homeopathy or working with autistic kids but everything you've learned what are the three most important things that you recommend for people who want to perform better so if you wanted to kick more ass and you're talking to someone and you want to download those three things what are the three things that you'd recommend people understand I think the most important thing no matter what you

00:45:14 > do in life is do it a hundred percent I think that you know if you do 90 percent or 99 percent you're still gonna end up the same way you're not going to get where you're going so decide you're gonna do it and go ahead and go do it and give yourself a period of time I used to run marathons and I know that like I just would tell myself okay you feel like you can't go on you're like okay but just the next water stop or just the next water stop and you kind of you know play with your brain but it's the same thing whether we're healing ourselves we're healing our children or we've gone out to actually play a game I think that that's really important of yourself awesome so that was one what are the other two hold on I actually brought a couple things down notes you prepared well a little bit because I thought you're gonna ask something like this yeah the other thing is set yourself up for success prepare like with my families I tell them okay look now you know what's going on you need to go start the diet you got to go home you know your your house is full of gluten in cases all we've got wheat and dairy and all kinds of junk in your house you need to get rid of so go home eat it all up and the next time you go to the

00:46:16 > grocery store buy all the stuff that you can have so when you when your child comes to you and your child is hungry and wanting to have the sandwich or the milk or the cheese that they can't have anymore you have something to offer them that is free of gluten and casein but yet they like it as well so that's another really important thing for setting ourselves up for success and the other one is we need to do our homework I think that no matter what it is for instance if you just go into the FDA and they say uh it's chlorine dioxide bleach whatever but do the homework on both sides and I think that that's an important thing for anybody considering any type of treatment or doing any kind of thing there's always two sides and you need to educate yourself so it's not just like I don't like people to come to me - oh well you told me and I trust you don't trust anybody get the information educate yourself and then when you say oh no I want to do this protocol because I've done the homework and then you're you know the both of the spouts that both spouses everybody's done the homework everybody believes in what they're about to do then they can embark

00:47:17 > on a mission that's going to be successful they're going to actually have a successful journey but if it's just oh well the FDA website said it and then they throw it out the window or Kerry said it well then you can always be derailed from from your decisions so I think that's one of the most important things - that we we absolutely know with certainty what we're about to do that makes really good sense we've got kind of knowledge preparation and and commitment it would be the the three things there I appreciate that Kerry and I appreciate you being willing to do anything and everything and go out on a limb for your own kids there's nothing like necessity to be the mother of invention and you know having progress and seeing you know your own kids get healthier is is kind of a magic thing and be able to help others is also magic so you've definitely you know we've talked for Texas full moons parasites and some pretty out-there stuff but if you're getting results and it's working working for you and there are communities of people who are trying trying it and trying it safely and not putting themselves or absolutely we take the

sickest children and they heal so we have the hundred and eight recoveries and we have many more children that are weighing well on their way to recovery and their healing along the way so you know children that had seizure disorder no longer having seizures things like that so yet they still have the autism diagnosis but little by little we're healing many people all over the globe and thank God you know all that everyone is just doing better it's not like they're getting worse or somewhere our fault and it's they're doing well well I'll do some more research into this ocean water thing that's not something I'm familiar with and you I know about this stuff so thank you very much for being on the show today and for talking about your work thank you for having me Dave you're welcome have a great day you do the same thank you how do you see kind of self help coming together when on one side you've got you know even more bacon on the other side you've got you know feel more love like we're do bacon and love come together dude that was a great question it's all love man when I think a bit I think I love is there anything else right exactly