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00:00:00 > everyone its Dave Asprey with bulletproof radio today I'm really stoked because we've got mark hunter who is one seriously tough looking dude on the show mark is frontman for chimera a death metal band who sold more than a million albums spent 15 years as a professional musician music producer world traveler and get this he's a biohacker a cook and he's working on being a wellness coach he underwent some kind of cool transformations in 2010 and I've talked with him about you know what do you do when you're on tour in order to stay bulletproof people don't know this and we're going to talk about this but musicians when they're on tour like they beat themselves up as much as triathletes do so I've i'll just say mark isn't the first professional musician I've spoken with about like how do I stop being sick because you know for most kinds of music if you don't

00:01:02 > have your voice working very well it's kind of tough but you know we'll let mark make some comments about that mark welcome to the show man I always loved chatting with you thanks for having me it's an honor to be here I'm a big fan of the show and it's actually surreal to be here right now so thank you you're most welcome we've got so much to talk about you do float tanks all right let's uh let's talk about some stuff you've done that doesn't have anything to do with being a billboard professional musician one of those is telling about your mom yeah well uh it's it's pretty pretty remarkable story I mean my whole life my mother struggled with with obesity and she had diabetes and high blood pressure you name it and a couple years ago she was just at that point in her life where it just seemed like she had given up completely and she would say things like you know i'm i'm going out during it out of the Sanford and Son

00:02:04 > Elizabeth I'm coming to get you a kind of attitude but uh I just didn't find that acceptable and so I started applying some of the knowledge I had learned about nutrition through the body building communities and stuff on the internet that I was interested at the time and just really tried to help her lose weight and get back and get back in touch with herself and and take charge of her life and so over the course of a year she she dropped over a hundred pounds and then once I i found the bulletproof diet and lifestyle and we started implementing everything with that she dropped another 20 pounds and officially now her doctor said she is she she could no longer be considered a diabetic she's all off all of her medication and her a1c and its worst was somewhere around an 11 and now it's at a 5.8 wow so that's a pretty

00:03:07 > serious difference in exactly a year or maybe slightly more that's amazing and you've lost a little bit of weight yourself in the process of becoming a life coach tell me about that yeah this will actually last year in 2012 I mean I basically just didn't care about dieter I stopped caring about it I just wanted to like I'm just gonna have our bees all the time then eat like complete crap and I got up to 220 pounds and I just felt sluggish I look terrible and so the the motto was 2012 looked like hell and 2013 I'll be fresh and clean and since again with with a discovering bulletproof I'm down 40 pounds and I really didn't step in the gym and so the the the things you say on your website are absolutely true and I mean just aside from obviously performing on stage is quite a quite an

00:04:09 > exertion of energy and and and calorie burning and all of that but uh the other than that I I mean I I just followed the diet principles and and I replaced my morning breakfast with with the bulletproof fee which I'm actually having for lunch as well so I and I down 40 pounds I've maintained the weight and that's really all I want to do right now so this morning i think i was like 178 wow congrats man i I'm stoked hear that you've you've lost that much I didn't rise that you personally lost 40 pounds until we started chatting about this as a as a professional musician tell me what it's like when you're when you're on the road and like what the typical day looks like um well it can vary I mean especially when you when you're releasing an album it's very busy you're doing a lot of press throughout the day all around the world global interviews

00:05:10 > and meeting fans and setting up the show and sound checking then you're doing a lot of what we like to call hurry up and wait where you're sitting around twiddling your thumbs forever just to start the concert and then you know you go on stage for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half and then try to fall asleep somehow after that and do it all over again but and on a towards the end of a tour cycle you start filling your time with writing and trying to be more on the creative side and just try to fill your time because it's 23 hours of the day you're not playing so it really is it can lead you down to dark paths which I've seen and that's why another reason I'm thankful for you finding like bulletproof stuff because it's given me a watch much more positive thing to fill my time with and and trying to upgrade things where in my

00:06:11 > field I see a lot of people kind of downgrading it in many aspects well I mean it part of the sort of typical i want to say stereotypical death metal culture might involve things like monster energy drinks and vodka and you know exactly cheapest beer you can find and all that so you know you you're pretty positive guy i just know from knowing you and you know you you're working on improving your own health and performance and you've taken on clients and you're helping them and then you go on stage and you know I've seen it you guys totally just rock it but it's pretty it's a pretty dark vibe in the music how do you like get those two those two things to line up inside your head well honestly that's been really difficult that was probably it it still it in some aspects the hardest part is trying to separate you know the Jekyll and Hyde because the character who I am when I'm singing or performing or writing or in the studio I want I want

00:07:12 > and need that character to be legit and I need that that pain to come out and that I want to have a catharsis and and those those feelings and then sometimes it's hard to turn that off you know you're still in that dark place or perhaps you have to really think about a lot of dark things to get into that mindset so from the beginning of my career it was really tough to turn the bad guy off and and it's it was very difficult actually and I learned it started with you know meditation and just even the guys in my band would you know help me out by saying hey you know you're being kind of an asshole like you need to uh you need to you need to change some things so taking an honest look at myself in the mirror and trying to figure out like well how do I turn this character off and and it started with meditation and I learned learned about flotation tanks and I listened to

00:08:15 > a lot of philosophy or write a lab philosophy listen to a lot of old stuff on YouTube and kind of went into the 60s counterculture and learned what I could from that and and they had learned that gets the best of the things that they had to say about finding yourself and so I started on that path and then really I've been working on since then trying to separate domestic mark between stage mark and because it's funny when you say that I'm a positive person there's I could probably throw about 20 people at you that would say what the hell Dave Asprey yeah but that's you know that's honestly that's from knowing the old me and you know I still have that that side I mean that's just part of who I am it's part of who have always been but now it's really really learning how to hone in to be the only one I need to be that character I suppose so that that is a major challenge I I did this thing quite a while back it was like a 10 day

00:09:17 > intensive personal growth workshop and and part of it was like write down all like the worst things you think about yourself so you're like you know do whatever it takes to go to like your darkest place and I imagine you write your music and you perform from there so i did this tonight i wrote something that was so dark that it became like after they anonymized it like the stereotypical this is a good job of writing something dark and I realized like three different sentences it was like two to three pages long three different sentences were lyrics from nine inch nails and it wasn't designed the way I used to be like the biggest Nine Inch Nails fan and I I'm to the point now where it like you know head like a hole is awesome right at the same time I don't listen to it because it actually makes me feel agitated even though like I'm like this music rocks and we bite the hand that feeds you all that stuff that I probably heard like a gazillion times but I found like my heart rate variability drops when I listen to it literally and I'm like this sucks because I really like I want to you know go dancing to that music but that's just from listening to it and I'd

00:10:18 > internalize some of the lyrics but you're taking lyrics from like inside your your body like inside your head and you're putting them out there like is that cathartic when you do that one hundred percent and it's funny you mention Nine Inch Nails that's a one of my biggest influences and and I agreed to as I've grown I can't even listen to the style of music I fight really anymore it's the last thing I want to do when I get off stage is listen to heavy metal I want to listen to something much more relaxing but yeah exactly and the reason I I do it is a big part of it was when I was younger and growing up and listening to artists like manage nails when I was in the having the darkest moments of my teen years in the teen angst years and things of that nature that's what I turned to was music and the lyrical content and it was I felt like I wasn't alone anymore and so when I write lyrics I'm really trying to focus and do the same type of thing for the person that's listening to us and being able to

00:11:20 > have the same sort of feelings and feel like they're not alone and perhaps going through a similar emotion or feeling or maybe they're driving to work and just grab it on to their steering wheel and that's what they're getting out of it and it just feels good to them and that means a lot so many people have come up and thank the band for like they say they they sit saves them and really pulls them out of dark places and I can relate to that because that's what music did for me I can tell you for sure that you know biohazard those guys of course so their music saved my life because I used to have a 45-minute commute after two hours of sleep before I would drink coffee and the only way I could stay awake was to like crank it so loud the windows are rattling and I'd like drive to class in University and like if you're listening to this and you're not into that kind of music biohazard is some pretty dark stuff yeah and now that that's not how I would do it but if I listen to your music for instance it's

00:12:21 > highly energizing man you want to like you know get up and get ready like it kind of feel inspired to fight in a positive or negative way whichever way you can definitely get energy there and when you're I know I was a pretty angry young guy and knowing like hearing music like like that is like well I'm not alone right and you feel alone that's part of why you're angry so it it's really interesting to kind of see my own evolution your own evolution there but yeah music that's powerful and angry has played i would say probably positive and negative influence in my life and maybe in your hobby boss say yeah definitely i can agree with that for sure what happens to your whole band when all of you drank bulletproof coffee before you went on stage because you told me this and just made me laugh yeah every everyone uh man everyone loves it and we really had like one of the most intense performances like you looking around at the guys and and on stage and everyone just kind of looking at each other and staring back and do hear their eyes but their eyes are

00:13:22 > really big and wide and you could just tell they're just jacked up and feeling good and it just sounded so so tight and perfect and there was a time that I upped the brain octane and and did the three tablespoons and I'm going for it I'm telling you man I was like shaking and like feeling like I was gonna have it out about yes a lot most people can't have three tablespoons I think I'm I don't think I can hack it by myself but I least more than that everyone is that was pretty you know we wanted to have the extra extra experience where was I don't show when you did that that was in Rochester New York and we were feeling really extra good that night because our sound guy 10 years was able to rejoin us he wasn't able to be with us on that tour and so we just knew we were gonna sound that much better and we wanted to have like just an extra awesome performance so we we went for that's cool all right now here's a question for you and the reason I brought a

00:14:24 > bulletproof coffee right in the middle talking about dark music and all that stuff I've had lots of people say that they feel lighter people have said I feel like I'm doing chi gong I've had you know like they feel like they're having like I don't wanna go as far as spiritual experiences but we'll just say slightly altered like very positive states did having more cellular energy like that does that affect like the tone of your music I know it affects energy levels but did it make you guys like more angry and more aggressive or was it like more mellowing site I like part of my goal with this stuff is to help people like have their brains turn on so they can be more positive and I'm did it work for you or was it not like that I think I think with us its focus and you know our guitar player Mac that's kind of come an a.d.d guy he's not a coffee guy at all and we gave it to him and it was hilarious first off I caught him doing a invisible we had a hit he didn't have a jump rope but he was jumping rope without a wreck what are you doing but

00:15:27 > uh he was just going crazy and he just kept saying man I was so focused look I I was just paying attention to my guitar like I'd never had before and you've got you got a lot of that and Jeremy our bass player was talking about how when he drink drink drink sit like he doesn't have any pain in his joints and and he's one of the guys that you're mentioning like the monster energy drink and vodka that's that's totally him and so I'm really starting to see the difference because we've all it like three of us have implemented the diet and a lot more of the principles and starting to get really anal with our bulletproof methods and how how much more we can upgrade everything and then you see some of the some of the other guys like man like you know I want to get to where you're at and it's really starting to influence everybody down the line it's really cool that that is fascinating and for people listening to this this is not like employed for bulletproof coffee it's just something that I haven't heard a whole band on

00:16:29 > tour do before ever and I'm frankly curious about it what's the downside like that there must be some negative things that are happening here I just want to be fair and balanced you know do you guys get disaster pants on stage or anything like that I don't know okay all right here's the downside and I'm gonna be honest this is this is really a problem when I noticed that I'm running low I start to panic like what am I going to do if I run out of what of bulletproof coffee like no means that is a problem it feels like an actual addiction to you know like oh I start sweating I better I better order some more know that we'd never had a negative effect there was no no downside in fact uh when when the guys went to switch to different brands they were like well that made me go to the bathroom right away bulletproof doesn't and uh so it was action it was actually the opposite was he upset awesome I'd outside very cool other than that time you had too

00:17:30 > much brain octane so that's fair warning for people like like just ramped up slowly I got to say I I've known other people you know brain octane is is stronger than mct so especially older women not necessarily your Democrat fig for your audience but still they're very sensitive to it because their cells I use the fat very efficiently so the dose for someone like that could be like half a teaspoon and like all right I'm feeling really good maybe I'll ramp up to hold teaspoon whereas you know I've do three tablespoons a day but you know I kind of used to that and right you know you can do that I don't do three tablespoons at once I think that would be a bit much for me too so yeah no that was just seriously seeing eye that was like a one once in a lifetime let's see how far we can take it and that that was definitely beyond the limit of where I totally agree with you normally I'm still around one in my when I do my concoction I'm doing one tablespoon uh it's like brain octane it it varies for people so you're pretty much about where most people end up all right let's talk

00:18:32 > about something that's not you know not coffee related just because i know people hear a lot about coffee yeah you do float tanks right and yeah I'm actually going to be doing a float down in LA when I own them on Joe Rogan I think next week whenever whenever that's coming up so how often do you float and where do you do it well there's a place in Lakewood Ohio which is uh just about 15 10 15 minutes outside of Cleveland and there's place called a optimal wellness and I go as often as I can I usually like to go right before tour or if there's a really stressful stressful time in my life and I need to be home and I'm like I can't get away or do anything and I need to get out of my head so it's not like a regular regimen it's mainly if I can go before tour or like it said if stressful moment so um I thought and that I feel like I'm like reborn afterwards like kind of like you walk out of the the tank and you just I don't know it feels like my head's been

00:19:34 > rearranged inside and you just feel a lot better it is sort of wound like right you know you're in putting in warm fluid in the dark like you've done that one time in your life exactly what's the most powerful experience you've had doing flotation I think that what I find is interesting is the ability to take what I'm thinking about and what I'm really stressed about and think about it in such a slow manner that I don't have a million things coming in at my head all at once and distracting me pulling me away from the thought that I that I need to focus on so I am 100-percent in this state where I'm just thinking about it really slow and I can focus and it's like that is exactly the answer that I'm looking for and there's moments to where I felt like

00:20:35 > I don't feel like I'm in the universe are like I'm part of the unit like in the in my normal realm i should say i feel like i'm in the ether and i don't like to go there but that's kind of you know where you feel like you are like a it's in explainable realm yeah one of those altered state experiences are ineffable like there aren't words for them right and so talking about them anytime anytime any friend talks about someone like that we always start going what's the word like how do you say that so I hear you feel a little bit disembodied maybe Zack when you do it and you come out of that you feel like you said sort of clean and and reborn was the word you used yeah rebirth or if you don't know if it I'm not a computer guy as much as you like it is it disk defrag in you like would be a belated no one's ever said that before that's it say I defrag to my head I that's a total biohacker comment right there all right you actually call yourself a biohacker and there's increasing numbers of people doing that which I'm really grateful for

00:21:37 > and I don't mean like you know the guys who are slicing DNA in their basements and making new species that will probably mess up our gut biome you what do you mean by biohacker like like what's your definition of that well I didn't really know that the term existed till I discovered you to be honest with you but since 2006 once I became really interested in nutrition I started i guess my journey with learning to count macros and learning what macronutrients were and understanding that that that could have an effect on my size or bioe composition and learning how to when I was trying to lift weights and put on size with that learning how to apply the science and then I would learn how you could start adding like it started with supplementation then after that and learning what what kind of products were BS and what kind that actually would work and so my journey started with just tracking and like seeing that there was

00:22:39 > an effect that food and there was a science behind the body and then then it it turned into trying to hack my brain and learning how to control it and drive it like an automobile and I was actually really laid on the game most most people have their experiences with uh with psychedelics or something in there in their college years or high school and I didn't do that I actually waited till I was in my 30s and really learned how to operate my nervous system in a whole different way and turn on my brain in new ways and control my brain and control my thoughts differently and now it's with with the with all the apps that are out there you can do so much more so of course I have like a Fitbit I'm tracking all my steps now I tracking steps on stage and and trying now I want to get into the hard math and learning all of that and I just ordered my DNA to be analyzed and gonna hook up with

00:23:40 > wellness effects guys so guys I'm really going to dive in more and more so to say that is a very loose term only in the sense that i'm very new to the culture but at the same time i was kind of doing things of that nature without really understanding what i was doing and that that that was a whole culture if you will there are a lot of people who realize oh yeah i can identify with this because i thought i was the only one like doing all these disparate pieces that incorporate the head in the body and all that i'm thinking about your comments about controlling your your head and looking at your steps on stage have you ever looked at controlling your stress on stage or measuring that no but that sounds like something I would love to do because I definitely used to have a really hard time with the moments leading up to going on stage with uh I would be very nervous throw up uh you actually had that much stage fright Oh terrible stage and I'm still rocket it

00:24:42 > is a goner you still have it you know there's definitely times I still have it especially playing like an important show like a hometown show but the worst I ever had we played a show in in in front of 60,000 people in the in England and man I just couldn't I couldn't even like see straight you know it was just very like nerve-racking and you know everyone else is just pumped up and excited and like on this adrenaline rush and and I just didn't have that uh I was having a complete other the other side of the flight or flight let her fight kicking in yeah I wanted to run wow I've had a few executives that I've coached who had a hard time with public speaking especially in a bigger venue like that and it's always the same thing like you're nervous systems like you will die if you go out there and it's it's just like you're going off a high dive and it doesn't matter that it's irrational like it's not the rational part of your body right so the the Labrador in your head

00:25:44 > was like get me out of here like you know something's gonna eat me what did you do like you so you do toss your cookies you know would you throw some cold water in your face and go out on stage anyway like how did you have that there were times where i was literally you know vomiting as the intro was playing and i'm like oh man and like but I literally I don't know what it is it's that character it's like this and is there like I see a release okay I literally switch personas at the blink of an eye and everybody that knows me sees this transformation of like you've just totally turned you know and you're not that person anymore I don't it's like I'm gone it's really bizarre so I stopped I stop the vomiting and then I'm just totally fine and and that has really gone down and like learning I don't have that kind of stress anymore I don't have I think a lot of the dietary issues I definitely used to try to burn the candle at both ends and in a band and that just stuff

00:26:47 > doesn't work and I noticed you know early on people that were older in my field of work if you will you know just didn't look great in their mid-30s and I'm like man I that's not how I want a role you know I don't want to be like that so uh I never really you know got into the the more I guess dangerous if you will activities on the road and I kind of stayed with the health side of things and and the more I progress or the older I get the more interested I become in it is it how old are you I'm 36 all right I know if people are seeing on YouTube you can pretty much guess turn your mid-30s but if you're driving right now listening that that helps for people to know well when you're on stage sometime I want to hook you up with I'm assuming wouldn't interfere with Bluetooth wouldn't interfere with any of the stuff you you're using for sound but we can get a polar heart rate monitor on you and use the HRV sense app that we just launched we haven't haven't talked about it too much but it'll graph your

00:27:49 > stress like using your heart variability so you can see what your hrv looks like the entire time you're on stage which would be kind of quick I want to see that when you're done you got to post it somewhere on your blog yeah that would be us I just think that'd be amazing and see you know do some songs raise or lower heart rate variability like does the audience reaction do that it would just be a fascinating study and I've never known anyone to do that you might be the the first rock star to do that which is cool let's do it that would be amazing all right i'll i'll get you hooked up with that stuff afterwards now there's a couple things that go together that would be sex drugs and rock and roll right so we've talked about rock and roll what about drugs I mean did did you have a period in your life and you were into that do you still partake on occasion what what's the deal there if you want to talk about if you don't let school know sure um I'll tell you I'll be honest with you I'd real just didn't gravitate towards it in my youth um I kind of lived like a straight edge mentality and in high school and I

00:28:50 > wasn't I wasn't the cool guy at parties you know I didn't drink I didn't smoke dope I didn't do anything and and I tried drinking a little bit a a lot of a lot of the guys and bands and stuff there that's the thing man you get off stage and you have drinks and it's just I just I would be throwing up after my second drink like it just wasn't for me I'm but um I discovered cannabis in my 30s and partly was the fact that the girl I started dating at the time she has severe Crohn's disease and she used it and I was like man come on you're just doing it to get stoned there's no there's no medicinal Bennett here I just didn't really believe in believe that there was any help for it and she had convinced me that how it helped her with her her pain and nausea I was just very ignorant to the positive sides of cannabis and I at the time had chronic nausea that I was prescribed

00:29:53 > promethazine for and I just didn't like taking promethazine for nausea it like knocked me out and I'd be asleep for hours in the middle of the day and they just sucked so I was in Australia and there was cannabis around and I was super nauseous and I'm like I'm gonna try and see if there's any merit to this and i'll be honest i don't really think i have not had it since then that's a few years ago and so yeah i definitely fell in love with cannabis and for creativity and uh it it brought it a lot of compassion that i think i was missing in my life um I guess the heavier side you know came out which for somebody like me that was pretty angry and aggressive i think i needed that balance and uh that led me to psychedelics briefly and that was mainly because i was really interested in the

00:30:55 > the medical side a really big fan of the author sam Harris and he writes some really interesting stuff about psychedelics and I found everything he had to say about it true they really opened me up to be aware of the universe and my place in it and at the same time they opened the gates of hell and that was enough for me what do you mean they open the gates of hell uh well you know how it's like like it looks you looking at that mirror and sometimes I would wish that mirror would turn off but I understand its importance you know that I guess it's showing me the showing me the parts of my life that I want to change and sometimes like man I feel like I've changed that 50 times over again and it felt like I couldn't escape that for for a few months and I just didn't like the feeling wow that's something I've definitely heard and I know a lot of artists and musicians have used psychedelics at least you know a

00:31:58 > few times and all that and certainly you know I've been to Burning Man and whatnot but yeah there there's strong medicine and something not to be trifled with lightly I would say definitely not and I you know that was the thing it was I didn't want to have like the kind of experience where I'm just like you know watching The Wizard of Oz listening to Pink Floyd at the same time I really wanted to have a spiritual experience and do with the do it the right way and I spent years researching and reading about it and I guess trying to be as much as prepared as i could if i was going to leave this leave this earth like an astronaut if you and you know I still think I I think if I me do anything else it would probably be an ayahuasca ceremony and that would probably probably be the the end of I well I can't say that for certain but that's really the only thing I'm guess I'm interested in at this moment but other than that for drugs uh no and I

00:32:59 > just really didn't I guess hang out the circles that were into anything else I've never even seen cocaine which is hilarious which you know can I be in a band and not you haven't seen cocaine but I have Wow now if you decide you want to do ayahuasca I've done it in in South America with a shaman and I've friends with a couple shamans I've done some work with who run professional tours where you go down like reputable things it's not about getting high it's about right spiritual side of indigenous religions if you want to hook up there let me know I'm all introduce you to both of them yeah sure one of them is Alberto vo doe who's a amazing gentleman a cultural anthropologist and spent 20 years you know eating bark in the Amazon learning some pretty powerful stuff and he's a biohacker to you know he's he's injecting glutathione actually in order to improve this meditation and the other one is jade wahoo Grigori who actually

00:34:00 > is tougher looking than you he's this this big guy with you know it braided like a double braided beard and like it's just an absolute like a giant teddy bear but he just looks like big and kind of tough and peaceful at the same time and twenty eighth generation Siberian lineage so Wow both those guys I would trust with my life in terms of going down to Peru and experiencing things that honestly might not be safe so exactly what Bridget we're just about to go down to South America for our first tour in the beginning of december and I'm see I'm trying to see if I can actually stay and stay there so I might I might be asking you for that information all right oh I'll make some introductions to those people don't know if either than will be down there but don't mess around with this into anyone listening if you're going to be doing ayahuasca like oh yeah relays something this is going back a long time I think I did this in like nineteen ninety nine or 2000 or something like that um I went

00:35:04 > down there and I did i watch go and i didn't really feel as much as the woman i was doing it with at the time who was like changed her religion when she came out of the tent and we're overlooking these ruins this rooms were called sexy woman actually that's like not an english was the Kachin board for catch you in word for it but I got out I felt really good and just kind of like I'd let something go and and I'm like I'm gonna go for a hike and and the shamans like like grabs me and he's like you will not walk outside that stone circle I'm like really why not but like you know you can't start right and and he was like he's like you're still open like it's not safe like you could tell he was he was genuinely concerned for like the safety of my psyche because he was like I've done stuff to make this a safe place but ever and maybe it's all bs right I just don't believe it's BS because that hasn't been my experience by a long shot so yeah do it with someone who knows what they're doing you know don't don't mess around so make

00:36:05 > sure you get a good referral is all I'm saying yeah exactly and that was a bit that's a big part of the thing for me is like man I want it I want if I'm gonna go do something like that it's got to be legit you know that's like exactly if I'm getting you know back to your coffee if I'm gonna drink coffee it's gotta be legit well there are there definitely a few shamanic people who drink bulletproof coffee as well um coffee is an RF to stimulator and it has effects like keep chi gong meditation in some studies do it it's a mind-altering substance it's just kind of a legal one right so we've covered drugs we've covered rock and roll all right sex hacking yeah you've got some experience there tell me about that well I definitely have to be in a situation where we'll have to go for four periods of time without being able to orgasm and being on tour for 30 days and I'm a faithful guy so I have to figure out you know what what I can do but I still so I

00:37:06 > try to do some things like this was a in line with some of the things you were talking about but you still kind of have sex but but don't orgasm and so I would def like spend time being intimate with my partner by getting super turned on and make sure she orgasm but i would i would not and it just wouldn't know what i would notice is the next day I'm just twice as horny and then and more jumped up on stage and more energy and so I definitely I definitely agree with you on the less is more and I feel like genuinely drained the next day sometimes after like a very intense session or so I've noticed that and I for touring guys you know for people that you know you know we have to use technology that's just that's really our only means of being able to be intimate with a partner being gone for six seven weeks at a time

00:38:08 > so the good old-fashioned cyber sex huh hate to break the Aggies term right yeah exactly and so if you're a faithful guy and you're into the the sex hacking and you want to be intimate with your partner on tour you can there's definitely validity to win the fact when you get home and finally orgasm it's going to be pretty intense it to say the least all right now we'll get really really intimate here during one of my and if you're listening to this you don't know what we're talking about it was just introduced this I gave a talk year and a half ago about a series of experiments I did to validate the Taoists recommendations from men on how frequently they should ejaculate and you know noted very strong improvements in my energy and just might the quality of my life when I didn't you Jack you late on a super regular basis and there's equations and all the stuffs written up on the blog so that that's what we're kind of the context for our discussion

00:39:09 > here and I've had a lot of very positive feedback from guys who said wow I you know I didn't realize how how much it was draining me and you know my sex lives improved like that I've also had a few people say like and the show this was my experience it's one of the hardest things i've done like to teach yourself to not have an orgasm for 4 30 days for most guys that's unimaginable and I've certainly failed in my attempts to do that at least as often as I have succeeded it's not a problem anymore that like I have control of that it's totally there but it was like a couple years of training to be able to just lie be in charge of that part of my biology the the model i use is that you have an operating system for your meat like for your flesh and it's responsible for making up stage fright you know it wants to run away or wants to fight or it wants to make the species reproduce right those are like it's areas of control and when you step in there and you're like no I'm going to take over the species of reproduction part there's

00:40:11 > a lot of internal resistance and and I'd find like i'm on day 20 and i'm like i said i was in 20 30 days but right now there's a very good rational reason for me to have an orgasm like I know it right and then as soon as you do it you're like god damn it like there was no reason why did I do that right did you experience that kind of thing I mean is this I kid you know it's actually my girlfriend that is is very like she doesn't want me to participate in these she's like well I figured I feel you know I feel like you're not satisfied or something like that so you know that that's always the challenge is getting her to like come on let me you know in the name of science and let me uh let me leave me be so that's actually the biggest challenge I find and then um yeah I just what i notice that what I notice is i get i get just really amped up and I think that's the testosterone raising like i wanna i want to just

00:41:13 > explode in all sorts of ways and like energy or like I want to get in the ring or something and you know like that's how I feel it's just really really charged up and then by the time we finally get to where I finally get I finally allow myself whatever you want to call it it's intense and I think a lot of this too is some of the martial arts guys as well they're really into this holding off holding off for a long time and that's I think that's where I learned it from well old Gandhi someone just told me this I haven't validated it but it sounds rational I know for certain that Gandhi quit having sex when he was 32 in order to save his energy for doing more of the social change that he had planned for himself and after a few years of that though he realized that that because he just stopped that he was losing energy because he wasn't getting enough stimulation not orgasms and also

00:42:14 > he finally settled on sleeping between two virgins but not having any interaction with them you know the talking to them and why not so basically so the flesh of his body so as meat could you know get the the pheromonal and hormonal effects of being around attractive young nubile women and he could then transform that into more energy to do what he wanted to do and like that's some serious biohacking right there I haven't haven't convinced my wife to let me sleep between two virgins yet and somehow I don't think that's gonna work but you know I I definitely back that philosophy to and it's awesome when you have it it's rare sometimes in metal when there's like really hot attractive girls is written a thirst answer emergency I was like that's not nice man what's that I thought you're gonna say it's rare to have virgins I'm like that's not nice but I heavy metals not known for not to say that there aren't attractive women that come to the shows are definitely are but you definitely want to gravitate towards them and you so of course I I

00:43:17 > use that just you know with when I talk to my girlfriend and I'm taking photos with with the pretty girls that the metal shows in like this is to boost up my testosterone bitch I always send those to my wife like like I had a photo taken with like a playmate of the year uh in Las Vegas a little while ago and for the photo she like he lifts one leg up and like puts it in front of me and it like she's smoking hot and I just like texted it to talani McKay Lana I would a great time Las Vegas back but like what else can you do right exactly you're right and and it does it does increase it increases the testosterone which is just gonna make us better lovers at home right yep as long as you have that healthy emotional connection and faithfulness you know there's nothing wrong with with looking and you know the the animal side of being a human is is that there's pheromones and all and and I've certainly I've noticed when I'm doing that you know holding out for a while my pheromones go up and like you

00:44:18 > just attracts women from across the room like normally women attract him in more with pheromones but I've definitely noticed like bizarre happenings I think Tim Paris talked about that at some point I guess when he just raised his testosterone but not through this kind of a practice but it actually got annoying at one point for me when I was really doing experiments for the the talk that I gave where it was like every time I went anywhere they were like women hitting on me and I'm just like you know that's it's it's good for the ego you know like wow I'm feeling attractive especially going i'm a former fat guy weighed 300 pounds as a as you know a young man and i was never that in good shape or anything like that so i wasn't a ladies man as a teenager and so I'm like well it's just kind of cool on the other hand it's like you know could we just like hang out like I'm married I have kids like you know like let's just talk you know and so it was it was a big change for me anyway did you experience any that when you when you're on tour do you get more attractive or is that just cuz you're in a big band you have groupies anyway no see that's the thing

00:45:19 > is I never really noticed that's that sort of thing and uh and I'll be honest with since I've implemented a lot of the bulletproof lifestyle I lost the weight uh just changed up a lot of things I not you know I I try to upgrade all sorts of things and even just how how I present myself and the other day I think I I counted there was a I'm one of my likes Instagram there was a hundred and like fifty three of them were female whoa that changed that is awesome man it would have been like ten normally you know uh so just things like that i can i can see see in that for sure there's there's been a an improvement with with that and that helps i mean as a musician you want to have the girls come to the show because then that means more guys are going to come to the show because that's where all the girls are yeah you hear that women listening you should definitely come to the next show for for chimera yeah how big is your average

00:46:21 > show anyway I don't know like in real life how big your audience is well you know it depends and it's over the planet I'll be honest like heavy metal is kind of it's one of those genres that's been around for 40 years but some some arrows is hit or miss right and we're kind of in a in an area where it's not where wasn't its heyday let's just put it that let him put it at that so it can victory you know on a in the middle of the middle of nowhere say somewhere like in if we want up to like Saskatoon Canada you know it maybe you have 250 300 kids but if we're gonna be playing in our hometown there's well over a thousand people for sure if we're going to be doing a festival there's anywhere from 10 to 60,000 so it's really going to vary from from city to city and what we try to do is even if the show sucks and there's like I think like the worst that think we might have played in front of his is around 100 something like that we still treat it like there's 10,000 people you know and because that's what we're all there to

00:47:23 > do were there to have a good time not count how many people are there were there to have that experience have that emotion and and get out that vibe and get out that message and so it varies and it's pretty cool to be in a metal band that has had the opportunity to play with like I grew up listening to like all these bands like Metallica Slayer Iron Maiden and I've had a chance to to share the stage that when I grew up listening to so it's been a very rewarding culture not only in in terms of like getting to live out like childhood fantasies but giving me a or outside of it and and being so a personality that people can listen to and like I'm posting pictures of myself making like something with grass fed beef people want to know why now and that's it's turning into something completely different and I'm able to use that celebrity if you will and I use the term kind of loosely but because I mean

00:48:25 > it at the end of the day on the metal metal dude but uh it's pretty cool to have the fans come up and talk about how something else besides the music that can you know like we could talk about food now and nutrition and and so metal gave me a lot I can like that I'm going to go to be able to do a lot of cool things now well after the career if I want to that is awesome we're coming up on the end of the the show and I just love waste just said you mentioned helping other people tell me a little bit about your your coaching practice you're helping a few people on the health coaching sort of thing you're just getting going on that like where can people find out more about what you're doing there where can they they find your url your band you're a light like give me all your contact info and specifically info about what you're doing to help help your fans and other people on the coaching front well yeah that was the thing I mean part of the burgh bulletproof life's lifestyle was

00:49:26 > you know implementing it into two other two other lives and seen and I have an ability to just kind of break it down and may help people understand and not have the fears of there's so much disinformation on the internet and uh just being able to navigate through those things and help people break it down so I started you know obviously with my mom and my girlfriend were my first my first if you will clients but they're not really clients but a dealing with crohn's diabetes autoimmune stuff is just I spent hours and days researching so it turned into helping people in my community and friends and Fred close friends and I have two people right now that are both down 40 pounds that were over 300 and they've it's been a hundred days and that's so fast I love that yeah and and then somebody now another person with crohn's that helped them get their vitamin d and check

00:50:28 > couldn't even even think to think about that and helping them with their diet and taught them about bulletproof and you know what are you eating a lot of sugar and milk gasps oh I wonder why um but I mean it's it's we all don't we don't know these things I mean I started at the point I was doing the same stuff I had no idea but I would go to the bathroom 12 times a day I go once now twice sometimes you it's such a such a difference so long story short sorry about that is uh define me the band is chimera calm ch I ma IRA and you can find me twitter / chimera mark CH i MA i ra ma RK and then i'm on facebook mark ma RK hunter hu NT er and I seem to do I have a lot of interaction on facebook with with the fans there and I'm always available to answer any questions and and this is a new practice uh this is my fans have no idea that i am a wellness

00:51:30 > coach they have no idea that i have been helping people and I'm totally interested in this side of things and I've kind of slowly but surely letting them getting them little clues posting pictures of what I'm doing and with the foods i'm eating and using and but we're actually working on a website right now that's going to really condense everything out of the social media world but I feel that it's a necessary tool I kind of want to get out of that you know it try to make it a little more personal and very awesome there's a question that everyone answers he's been on the show and you've probably heard it once or twice top three things that you recommend for people to kick more ass doesn't have to be music doesn't have to be bulletproof anything just that the stuff you've learned that's most impactful that you think other people would benefit from sure thing you have to believe in yourself is number one and everybody that told me that I wouldn't be a musician or wouldn't get signed or wouldn't be sharing the stage with my

00:52:31 > favorite band growing up I just never listened to them and I believed in myself and just bringing confidence to any situation and it's it's saddening sometimes to see so how many people just are definitely have a defeatist attitude and it's just not the case you're in charge of your own road show and you know just believe in yourself and you know it kind of controversial second one would be honesty is the best policy I like to have an open and relationship in communication with people and I'm noticed that the the relationships that have been the worst in my life I guess we weren't communicating and I like to be just to be honest and sometimes when you're honest people don't like that and that might actually hurt your relationship so that's why I say it's controversial so I guess use discretion with that and this is kind of a funny one from my first boss when I was in I was cooking before I was a musician but

00:53:34 > he said you have time to lean you time to clean and he was course busting my balls cuz I'm standing around talking when I should have been wiping a counter or something but uh I really took that to heart in many ways and I think that that's where it would coincide with bulletproof and give you anything like cleaning up your diet cleaning up your office to make it run more efficiently cleaning up your business cleaning up your year accounting your your health whatever it may be if you're just sitting around an idol I think you can just put a little bit more time and effort into cleaning something up if you will thank you for for sharing those I I always learned something always think of something new when when one of the guests on the show shares that it's so appreciate it mark it's been a pleasure to hear what you're up to you what you're doing and you're you're pretty interesting guy yes don't know a lot of bulletproof you know heavy metal rock star guys and I love the way you you

just got these things thanks a ton for being on the show everyone we're going to include links to the stuff that we talked about today in the transcript and the show notes and you'll be able to find more on bulletproof exact calm and you'll have all the links to mark's website and social media available for you there if this show is helpful for you please do me the favor of going to itunes and clicking like so that other people can help to find the show see you all next week thank you in 2009 study suggested that after short interactions with women men have lower mental performance any thoughts on that I feel like right now oh you know it's not surprising because mental perform is partially it's about attention allocation concentration motivations