Consciousness, morphogenetic fields, regeneration, cancer and respiration (in context)

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“The dogmatists insist that life must be explained in terms of physics as they understand it, and it happens that their “physics” is nothing but a doctrinal relic kept in place to justify their conceptions of biology.” –Ray Peat So I’ve blogged previously about a lot of this, but I think it would be useful to explore these ideas in more detail, as these areas are key to understanding the


Teeth at Altitude

Q&A | Ray Peat

Question: Interesting response from ray when i told him my teeth and cavities seem to be repairing whilst living high altitude

Answer : The high altitude natives are famous for their strong teeth, and I’ve noticed the same thing in Mexico. The local diet is probably helpful, but I think the main thing is that more carbon dioxide is retained because of the low oxygen pressure, and that


Vitamin A supplementation

Q&A | Ray Peat

Question: Hello Mr. Peat, This inquiry concerns the use of vitamin A supplement, specifically NutrisorbA. For the past year, I have found that if I take less than 100,000 iu per day I get acne, and upon increasing my dose to 100,000 iu, the acne goes away within a day or two. I have tried, on various occasions, to reduce the supplement, and simultaneously increase liver, or decrease sun